Animation Short ‘Cariño’ Celebrates Gay Crushes In Colombia

Image via Carlos Taborda

Wanna watch something short, cute, and impactful? Were you a fan of the gay animated short “In A Heartbeat?” Then it’s time to check out “Cariño.”

“Cariño” is an animated short film created by Carlos Taborda, Ashley Williams, and Roshel Amuruz. The three-minute video is “an LGBTQ love story about a boy trying to catch the attention of the one he admires.” And how does he do that? By trying to find the perfect flower to deliver to his crush.


“Cariño” is a thesis film for Taborda, and takes place in the streets of Colombia. Like “In A Heartbeat,” which went viral in 2017 and was also a student thesis project, the short animation features gay youths and creates representation in a medium that doesn’t have enough LGBTQ content. That is, if you don’t count the recently releases Luca. (Though, many LGBTQ viewers of that film do). And also, this short celebrates gay love between men of color!

If you want a three-minute lift to your day, check out the video below.

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