Annie Lennox Announces That She Is Recording New Music In Quarantine

There have been a variety of ways that some of our favorite creatives have been getting through the quarantine that the majority of the country is currently under. From Andy Cohen & Jimmy Kimmel hosting their talk shows from home & casts of classic sitcoms like The Nanny doing virtual table reads online via Zoom, new entertainment continues. Musical artists have been at the forefront of pursuing new creative ventures during this time, and the legendary Annie Lennox is no different. 

The former Eurythmics front woman hopped onto Instagram today and let the world know that she is channeling some of her quarantine funk into some amazing new material. While she is finding the lockdown to be “challenging”, she said “What I decided to do was to take a look back at my own musical creations, and just take stock and I have a piano at hand where we live and I don’t have a microphone” Of the possible new material, she went on to say “‘It’s not particularly sophisticated, but I sing acoustically, the piano is acoustic and I have a list of songs and I’m trying to get through them. I’m trying to record them just for the record, you know just for the record. I’m actually enjoying it. It gives me a lot of solace. It gives me a good feeling at a time when maybe that’s not so easy to come by because it’s all so challenging”. 


As an added treat, Lennox dropped two videos of her singing two classic tracks straight out of her archives. She tore into an acoustic version of the Eurythmics classic “Who’s That Girl” and followed up with a sublimely stirring rendition of the heartbreaking ballad “Pavement Cracks” from her Bare album.

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  1. I don’t know why whoever writes your front page headlines does it the way they do. They wrote “The Legendary Vocal Empress”. Why not just say Annie Lennox instead of using vague, overly flowery language? I know that name (but not her face), but I had to click through before I knew this story was about her. Granted, you got me to click through, but only because I see this pattern on a lot of front page headlines. Seems counterproductive.


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