Another Online Hookup Leads To Robbery

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A Second Chicago Man Was Threatened With A Taser After Online, Hotel Hookup

Yikes! We’ve all heard the horror stories of online meetups. Heck, I’m sure even you have a ridiculous story of someone you met with just simply out in public for a cocktail or coffee! “Dating” mobile applications like Grindr even have been launching viral scams on the naïve. Oh, and let us not forget the tragic death of Michigan’s twenty-five-year-old Kevin Bacon who was mutilated and murdered on Christmas Eve last year – shocking all of us with his tragic tale of an online meetup gone wrong. The next story is absolutely terrifying and of course, it involves an online meetup, scratch that, hookup – gone awry.


According to CWB Chicago, yesterday a forty-two-year-old man visiting Chicago and staying at the W Chicago Lakeshore Hotel invited an African-American man with a tattoo on his face to come over for a late night love session. While in the victim’s room, his gentleman caller whipped out a taser and threatened the victim to give up his property. He dashed off afterwards. No word yet on if charges will be pressed, but there are witnesses in the hotel workers and you bet a ton of security cameras.

What’s currently unknown is if this case relates to another from January 6th of this year. At Chicago’s Cambria Hotel a sixty-year-old man invited an online hookup to his room and was shocked with a taser and had his wallet stolen. The wonderful Chicago Police Department actually found that guy (although the description is untold), but the hotel visitor decided not to press charges due to the nature of the meet up. So, basically either one was offering money for sexual favors or someone isn’t out of the closet yet. You can’t have your cake and eat it, too – right?

Overall, it’s time to be much more careful when you’re meeting up folks from the internet, especially if it’s just to get your rocks off. We’ve all decided to trade in traditional bathhouses for the virtual bathhouse we all now live in, but maybe if you’re in a new city where you’re visiting and don’t know anyone – that might be a better idea. Not promoting them or their reason for being open, but it does seem a little more appropriate than getting your belongings thieved from you! Stay safe out there, boys – because not everyone has the same intentions you wish them to have!

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