Another Study On The Size Of Men? This One Tells Us Who Is Lying About It.

Are you not telling the truth about your manhood? Do you not even mention what it is or isn't? Or are you the one with the ruler / shampoo bottle / thimble / shaving cream / remote control in the pic your DM'ing everyone even if they don't want to see it?

Now before you say, UGH! another study on penis length (believe me, I said it, too), there's a little more to this one (pun intended). 

A new study asked men about the length of their penis AS WELL AS what length they tell potential partners, significant others, dates, etc.

Let's get the initial measurement out of the way.

The self-reported data is from men by men and is for length at full erection.

The 5 states with the largest reported average penis sizes (in inches):

  • Alabama (7.44)
  • Louisiana (7.15)
  • West Virginia (7.00)
  • Vermont (6.98)
  • Utah (6.97)

The 5 states with the smallest reported average penis sizes (in inches):

  • Delaware (5.22)
  • New Mexico (5.36)
  • Maryland (5.50)
  • Georgia (5.69)
  • Rhode Island 5.83)

When you get a guy home and disrobe, the truth is going to come out. But in what states do men exaggerate either bigger or smaller about their appendage?

WTF Louisiana?!?  You apparently have some of the biggest and you lie about it as well?  This is why we can't have nice things. 

  • Overall, 38% of men tell others a size that’s different from their actual size.
  • 26% exaggerate their size
  • 12% understate it. 

Honesty is the best policy, no? Or do most of you liars think that, well, once I get there, he's not going to send me home if I am an inch away and an inch off, right?

What do you do with someone who lies about size?  Is it really important?  Do you send them packing or let them do the packing?

Banana image by  Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Eggplant nd cucumber pics by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash


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