Anthony Ramos Is Charming To The 10th Degree In CK Spot

Anthony Ramos in a spot for Calvin Klein underwear
Anthony Ramos (screen capture via Calvin Klein)

Uber-charming Anthony Ramos wowed movie audiences over the weekend with his starring role in the film adaptation of the 2008 Broadway musical, In The Heights.

Praising the 29-year-old’s work in the new film, the New York Times gushed, “Ramos’s charisma is perfectly suited to the role. His modesty is as winning and genuine as his bravado, and he’s a strong theatrical singer as well as a subtle film actor.” 


The Times adds that he’s not only “the one who keeps the party going” but “the reason it’s happening at all.”

That charisma definitely landed for the staff at Instinct, so we went in search of more Ramos.

In addition to In The Heights, the actor also debuted last month in the 4th season of HBO’s riveting series, “In Treatment.”

But this spot for Calvin Klein, which dropped back in March, really got our attention.


Ok, yes – Ramos is only wearing the classic CK underwear in the clip, but that’s not the whole picture here.

The video is part of a campaign that features avant-garde talent exploring the questions we ask ourselves, with Calvin Klein as their blank canvas.

As he remembers growing up as part of the ‘high fliers club’ (where members had to jump off of something high or slide down something dangerous), the video quick cuts to Ramos reaching, swinging and hanging from a rope.


“And all of a sudden, it’s like, this freedom. We gotta get back to that. We gotta get back to play.”

Not only is his effervescent joy infectious but his body language is another buoyant layer of childhood happiness.

Check out more from the CK campaign below, as well as a promo video for his new album, LOVE AND LIES, set for release on June 25.

Happy Monday!


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  1. Listening to the OST for In the Heights as I type this. Love the one with his legs spread. Those are beautiful thighs. Sexy man!!


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