Anthony Rapp Announces Engagement

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Anthony Rapp Proposes To Ken Ithiphol Among Friends In Canada

Everybody say love! The lot of us are moved by seeing same-sex (or heterosexual) engagements and I feel so many of these cute proposals become viral. Hey, the Holiday season is right around the corner, so in just a few short weeks you’ll be seeing plenty more of them – even likely from your friends and family! While some of us may weep in our closets about people finding their soulmates, I think this next one we can all rally behind with a genuine smile.


Actor and Broadway star, Anthony Rapp, who you may recognize from Rent proposed to his boyfriend, Ken Ithiphol, in Ontario, Canada yesterday among an array of friends. Rapp, who we all know for his stellar vocals and talent, was in headlines last year after outing disgraced actor, Kevin Spacey, with allegations Spacey making sexual advances on him when he was fourteen-years-old. Spacey has since been dethroned from Hollywood royalty and Rapp was applauded for his bravery in coming forward, being one of the early male, and same-sex, faces of the #MeToo movement.

Life continues to shimmy and shake, even if we think the world is breaking. I am so happy for Rapp and the new, fabulous chapter he’s about to take in his life. Let’s all give a shout out and ‘like’ Rapp’s Instagram post… especially before they become hidden!

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