Apparently It’s Okay To Degrade Politicians By Calling Them Gay. Bottom Shaming, Is Okay, Too.

Are the Trump / Putin love affair cartoon’s too much? 

Ever since the media has been portraying Trump and Putin as a loving gay couple, bromance turned sexual, American orange bottom for the Russian masculine top, we’ve thought, why are we laughing at this? Are we making homosexual relationships the butt of political jokes?

There’s been jokes about Donald orally pleasing Vlad and we giggle, but then again why? Recently, in a German parade, float creators had this lovely image to share with the world.

Now is this funny?  Is there something wrong with gay sex?  Is it more fun because we see Putin doing an act that he is trying to halt his own countrymen from doing?

Calm down, it’s all in fun, stop reading into this.  Yes, this may be true, but if you are showing that Donald is the subservient bottom, the one not in charge, the one taking it from the Russian dominant top. shared this recently:

Today, The New York Times took another leap toward becoming the estranged homophobic aunt you unfriend on Facebook when it posted a cartoon depicting Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin as forbidden teen lovers. The clip, which features unicorns and rainbows and plenty of smooching, is like catnip for the #resistance, a subset of Twitter eager to lampoon Trump and Putin’s recent meeting in Helsinki. The cartoon is also deeply homophobic as it relies on the idea that gayness itself is laughable, and it’s time for progressives to stop excusing these kinds of jokes. –



I actually did not find this to be offensive at all.  And there is the age old debate, or maybe the Mapplethorpe old debate.  I know pornography when I see it, but in this case, I know homophobia when I see it.   This one to me or "I" was cute and whimsical.  Sure, maybe they are doing it and that was not going to be shown happening in a cutesy cartoon.  This kiss was quite enough.

But the piece is actually a very good piece.  It basically states what we have been thinking before.  Why are people making gay jokes to degrade these two?  Is making them gay an attempt to lower them even more? Or is it just, “hey, let’s make then gay since they don’t like gay people.   Blond jokes are made to lower them, jokes about immigrants are made to place others above them.  Are these gay jokes made to lower them, or maybe just one?

Slut shaming happens all the time and so doesn't bottom shaming.  We're making Trump to be the bottom, subservient, lesser of the two. He's the weak one giving it up to Putin whenever and where ever he wants it.  

Here are some other comments in regard to all of the Trump/Putin gay love being insulting and homophobic.

"The only way these jokes work, though, is by demeaning gay people and reducing being gay to a punchline," German Lopez wrote for Vox. "The underlying implication here is that gay relationships are somehow extra funny — that Trump engaging in sexual acts with Putin is hilarious because it’s gay, and that Trump is lowering himself by submitting to sexual acts with another man." –







Are news and media going too far with the gay world leader jokes? 

Are some being too sensitive over the issue and it's all just political humor?

Does it really matter what the majority says if a minority finds it degrading? Think about that one.



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