Are Gay Clubs Even Safe From Their Own Community?

Bouncer Stabbed At Popular West Hollywood Gay Club!


Micky’s Bar Patron Entered The Establishment With Weapon!

Whoa! So, I’m a millennial living in West Hollywood, California and have been privileged to have a variety of gay bar experiences down the rainbow strip along Santa Monica Boulevard. I’ve lived here for five years and have seen bars in WeHo come and go, club culture change, and have gotten cozy enough with some bartenders to know them by name. WeHo is tons of fun, I mean, I live there after all, but everyone knows what places you should avoid in the city and the like. As a large majority of the community knows, Micky’s Bar is one of the most popular gay bars in the United States. Personally speaking, Micky’s may not have the glamour which comes with others bars like The Abbey or even the youthful glow of dance club, Flaming Saddles, yet it remains a popular staple. Through my time living in Los Angeles, I’ve observed mainly RuPaul’s Drag Race fans and reckless bar patrons visit Micky’s regularly. The last time I was in Micky’s, I watched a young woman get punched in the face by a young guy. Within seconds, there was a huge bar fight and the police were called. It’s a spectacle, sure, but that’s not really what I want to experience during my uncommon club outings. Well, it turns out Micky’s is making headlines for a scary altercation.

According to WehoTimes, a bar goer being escorted out of Micky’s stabbed a security guard with a pocket knife around 1AM this morning. Allegedly, the situation was quickly resolved as authorities responded immediately. If you’re familiar with WeHo, you know there is a police station, literally a solid minute-walk from Micky’s. Not the best place to attack someone? Witnesses say the security guard was responsive as he was being taken to the hospital. He’s currently in good condition. The suspect, pictured above in a god-awful mohawk, was calm upon getting arrested. Too bad he wasn’t calm like, getting kicked out of a bar? Authorities have yet to release information on the subject, but I bet he’s banned and that mugshot will slowly make it’s way to the rest of the bars along the strip. Congrats, genius!




Since this is 2019, Big Brother is always watching! Someone is recording something every minute on their phone. I wonder how many times was I in the background of someone’s vacation photos without knowing? It’s bizarre! While currently no one has came forward with video of the stabbing, someone begins filming of the aftermath as we get a glimpse of the security guard, numerous authorities, and the mohawked suspect. Check out the aftermath video below:

Note: The aftermath begins being recorded at the time stamp of 1H 27M.

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