Are Gays Better Parents Overall Than Heterosexuals?

When it comes to gays versus heterosexuals, who makes for a better parent both in the short term or the long term?  A new article that was just released challenges this in favor of gay parenting for reasons that are quite interesting to dissect.


The article suggests that, in quote, "Gay parents tend to be more motivated, more committed than heterosexual parents on average, because they chose to be parents. Due to biological and social constraints, gay men as a category face the most obstacles in their quest for parenting."

It also states that, "Being gay parents teach about caring for children in a different and deeper way than that of their professions. They learn how children fit in to a family, how they grow into distinct young people with strong opinions and powerful voices, and how to love children."

It's a very bold statement that is made by whomever wrote this piece, as there are thousands of straight people who go through similar struggles in order to have a baby.  Whether they have to adopt or in vitro fertilization to have a baby of their own, we all come from different backgrounds with the goal of raising a family.  I do understand the writer's point of view, however, as the struggle to be gay and adopt in parts of the world (and even this country) can be a huge hassle for two people who simply want to start their own family. 

What are your thoughts on this? 


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  1. I adopted a abused child 23

    I adopted a abused child 23 years ago. The Social worker assigned to his case told us that the worst thing that could happen to an adopted child was to "change your mind" about the adoption and abandon that child again. They were enthusiastic about my application as they stated they NEVER had a gay parent give up on a child the way Heterosexual couples will sometimes do.


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