Are Karamo Brown & Chris Salvatore Dating?

Images via Instagram @christsalvatore

Karamo Brown has dating rumors swimming around him.

After announcing in September the end of his 10-year relationship with, and the cancellation of his engagement to, Ian Jordan, Karamo Brown fans are wondering if the reality star is dating again. These questions sparked up yesterday after Eating Out actor Chris Salvatore shared a picture of himself with Karamo and a few others with a caption saying “quarantinefamily.” Salvatore then posted a video of himself kissing Brown on his Instagram stories.


But does a kiss and belonging to the same COVID-19 quarantine bubble mean that the two are dating? Not quite, but it is getting people talking. Plus, this isn’t the first time the two were seen together on social media.

Back in August, before Brown officially announced his separation from Ian Jordan, Brown posted a video of himself swimming with Salvatore. The two were recorded skinny dipping in an infinity pool with their backs (and butts) turned toward the camera. To caption the video, Karamo Brown wrote, “Being Artsy In The Infinity…”

Clearly, the two are spending some intimate time together. But are they in a relationship? For now, the truth remains a mystery.

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