Are You Guys Ready For 5D Adult Entertainment?

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A new 5D adult theater has been erected in Amsterdam, complete with loads of sensory attributes such as the effects of wind, water, bubbles, lights, and snow (In case you love sex in blizzards?)

All these dynamics have been designed to activate in sync with each correlating action depicted in the X-rated films, all in real time. Hopefully, they will provide a towel to get it all off your face and out of your hair.


“5D” represents the 5 dimensions of sensory perception – sight, smell, touch, hearing, and taste. Which leads me to wonder, what sensation will the theater offer up for the sense of taste during the film’s mouthy moments? More importantly, whatever it is, will it be vegan and gluten-free?

This new experimental film concept was made exclusively for this in collaboration with porn star, Kim Holland. Cinema owner, Natalia revealed the film’s plot (as if it mattered), to Mail Travel Daily, stating, “The movie is about a guy who comes to Amsterdam and experiences the Red Light District in a very funny, sexy way. For example, he has a visit to the famous bananenbar, he will visit the windows, he will be having sex in a bubble bath and so on.”

I had to Google, “bananenbar” and it appears to be “Dutch” for bathing or something of the sort so that would explain the water and bubbles effects that will likely get splashed across the audience’s face while watching the hot tub scenes.

It’s basically virtual sex taken to the next level, delivering a real, life-like intimate experience. The film lasts for 6 whole minutes, which makes it even better than some real physical encounters! Woooooo!


As of now, there’s no word on if this new X-rated cinema experience will make it to the US, but I can’t help but think this technology might have saved San Francisco’s Knob Hill and The Tea Room.

If you find yourself in Amsterdam, the cinema is located in De Wallen, Amsterdam’s medieval center, and though it depicts heterosexual intimacy – it’s reportedly still a good time for the boys to check out too. From what I’ve read it’s always packed, and the people just keep on coming.

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