Are You Ready For PrEP Commercials? Who Are They Targeting?

Here's one of the first PrEP commercials that was just released. Who are they targeting?




Did that sum us all up?  Bars, drinking, shirtless dancing, and Grindr? 

I think ads are great for this product as we all need to learn a little more and talk about PrEP.  I'd much rather see these than Viagra ads.  I don't want to put the PrEP ad down for I think more information and discussion is needed, but I hope this is the first of many commercials that will be released so they can focus on more than just the "stereotypical gay man."  Are they aiming at the largest subsection of us that "needs" the drug. 

The spot, written and proceed by Savas Abadsidis and Kenny Neal Shults, aims to reduce the shame and social baggage attached to taking the drug that helps prevent HIV infection.

Kenny said: “We wanted to reach men whose sexual and recreational drug behaviours both put them at a greater risk for both contracting HIV and being stigmatized for even considering going on PrEP.

“Our goal as HIV prevention professionals is to reduce HIV infections, and to communicate to those at high risk that they don’t deserve to be punished with HIV for “misbehaving”. –

Since I don't dance shirtless and hook up hardly ever, I guess PrEP is not for me?   I'm not going to give up hope that there will be more commercials for PrEP that will target a broader group. But then again, if we don't dance shirtless and don't hook up, do we need PrEP?  Let's have a chat about that, please.

Keep up the good work on getting us talking about PrEP.  I look forward to future commercials.

What are your thoughts Instincters?



As you can see below, some of our more helpful and colorful readers added that there were other informative clips at the or at  The other clips do not seem television commercial ready like the one above, but are still informative, one being more similar to a bio / interview at almost 3 1/2 minutes.

What do you think?