Are You Ready for the Return of Katya, the Sweatiest Woman in Show Business?

When Brian McCook, better known as drag icon Katya Zamolodchikova, went on hiatus in January, the drag fans were shook.

There was so much speculation, but overall concern for Katya. The RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 7 contestant and finalist for All Stars Season 2, Katya had made a huge name for herself with her webseries UNHhhh turned The Trixie and Katya Show on Viceland with partner-in-crime, Trixie Mattel. Maybe she knew about Trixie’s win on All Stars 3 and couldn’t keep a secret?

In January, McCook took to social media to make an announcement that he was taking a rest from the persona Katya for some much needed mental health development. Fans who know McCook form RPDR know that he has always teetered the fine line of addiction–quite possibly one of the major things that makes Katya so relatable.

Many were concerned about the future of The Trixie and Katya show. RPDR Season 8 winner Bob the Drag Queen teamed up with Trixie Mattel to be her sidekick while Katya was on her vacation--which kept everyone wondering again.

Katya deactivated her Twitter account after posting the following tweet:

And then went dark, to take care, build up, and strengthen the quirky and creative persona we all love.

Okay–the great news? It appears Katya is back and after 2 months of being away her latest first tweet is making us hungry to know what’s next for her–and where she’s been.

Katya tweeted this incredibly characteristic GIF of Catwoman:

And then today we learned that Katya is no longer dying–in fact, she's alive and well and ready to hit the ground running:

Where has Katya been the last 2 months?

Maybe McCook has been on a secluded island, reading philosophy in a monastery, sailing on a yacht around Mykonos, or just sleeping in and doing yoga and drinking coffee around West Hollywood–whatever the case may be, we hope he’s doing great! If Katya is ready, well, bitch, bring it on–we’re ready for you!



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