Aris’ New Single “Forever And A Day” Was A Long Time Coming

Already known for his forthright and endlessly ethereal material (his gritty and vocally driven single “Through The Storms” dropped to great acclaim in 2020), Aris has returned with a brand new single titled “Forever And A Day”, a collaboration with sorely missed and eternally talented recording artist Ari Gold (who passed in early 2021 after a brave battle with leukemia). Direct from Aris’ new album Through The Storms, the single, “Forever And A Day” showcases two artists who, while in each other’s New York City stratosphere for some time, saw a friendship and collaboration truly blossom after a chance run in on a talk show together when they ended up actually interviewing each other. Musical collaborations followed, such as a remix of Gold’s single “NGOR Radio” (released as part of his Remix To Freedom project).

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Hauntingly beginning with a voicemail from Ari Gold, the creation of “Forever And A Day” started in 2019 with the recording of the track, and completed in late 2020, mere months before Gold passed. While the mid-tempo track is sprinkled with chords and percussion throughout, it is the messaging of “we’ll find a way, if we keep giving and learning, living and yearning” that remains prominent in the final recording. Gold & Aris pair their equally strong, but starkly different vocals gorgeously, finding the sweet spot on this track of showcasing both of their strengths equally. 


As for Aris, the track is not just a lasting gift for Gold’s fans, but it gives Aris an opportunity to be part of Ari Gold’s enduring musical legacy. “It’s a love letter to everyone who loved Ari… a gift he left behind” , Aris reflects on the project. “We started writing from such a vulnerable place, and this really beautiful message emerged that we hoped would inspire and lift up everyone who listens”.

Aris will debut his new single “Forever And A Day” live Saturday May 14th 9:30pm at Pangea (178 2nd Avenue NYC) as part of his album release show. Tickets are available here 

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