Aura Mayari Wins Thirst Trap Thursdays Showing Off Their ASSets

Drag Race castoff Aura Mayari might have mangled the words to her lip sync for your life on the latest episode of the reality competition show but that hasn’t stopped her from winning Thirst Trap Thursday. The 31-year-old Filipino-American entertainer took to Twitter to show off some cakes, ok lots of cakes! And to sell some merch…hey a gurls gotta eat!Ā 

The queen shows off her sense of humor with her “any hole is a hole” t-shirt. [Unfortunately, Mayari couldn’t nail that line in The Daytona Wind sequel landing her in the bottom two.]


The season 15 contestant on the long-running reality competition show spoke to Entertainment Weekly about all things drag race, most notably her elimination and lip sync saying,

“Thank God. When I went home, I was beating myself up, like, oh my gosh, what the f— did you do on that stage? Memorizing rap is really hard. I knew Jax knew the song because Jax said, “I don’t understand why ya’ll don’t know ‘Sweetest Pie,’ because it’s a bop,” which made me nervous. In my head I’m like, f—, I don’t know it. I memorized it before I went to bed that night. I was like, I’m good to go, if I lip-sync, I know the words. I woke up the next day, put on my earphones, listened to the song, and the words were completely gone.”

The self-proclaimed trade of season 15 did her and her fans proud during their run on the show even winning a challenge. We have no doubt we will be seeing Aura in an upcoming season of All-Stars. Until then, there are always these thirst traps!







Sources: Entertainment Weekly

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