‘Baby Reindeer’s Jessica Gunning on Coming Out at 36

Jessica Gunning recently opened up about about realizing her sexuality and coming out as gay later in life. The ‘Baby Reindeer’ actress came out when she was 36 years old in 2022, and she shared all about her experience in the podcast Reign with Josh Smith.


“I came out actually in November 2022 and that was a mega, mega thing for me. I’m surrounded by gays, all my friends are gay and so it wasn’t that I was repressing anything. It was just that I didn’t think I could be, and I still can’t articulate it in the best way,” she recalled.

Gunning continued,

“But yeah, I realized I was a big old gay, and I was like, ‘That’s what it’s been. That’s what it is.'”

Moreover, the 38-year-old English television and theater actress reflected on finally realizing her truth, which she noted was “liberating.”


“That was a massive moment where everything clicked and I made sense for myself then because for so long, I’d thought, and I’m a bigger woman, and I thought maybe it was to do with my size, that I felt a little bit almost alien, or I was tagging along,” she stated.

Gunning further expressed,

“But as soon as I realized, I was like, ‘No, it’s that.’ That was the most liberating thing.”

Moreover, she revealed a particular scene in ‘Baby Reindeer’, which she related to after coming out to her family.

“There’s a really emotional thing actually in ‘Baby Reindeer’ where Donny [Richard Gadd] talks about sleeping for the first time at his parents’ house [after opening up about his ordeal], and I told my family in Christmas that year, and I slept for 10 hours that night,” the actress shared.

Source: digitalspy.com

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