‘Bake Off’s Sandro Farmhouse Opens Up About His Thirsty Fandom

A lot of ‘The Great British Bake Off’ viewers has been thirsting over finalist Nelsandro “Sandro” Farmhouse, and he recently shared his reaction to tweets that “get a bit 18+.”


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In an interview with Metro, Sandro admitted:

“I stay away from Twitter fans, because Twitter fans get a bit 18+.”

He continued,


“There’s definitely a difference between the Twitter fans and Instagram.

The Instagram fans are more child-friendly and it’s nice. People I guess… I guess I’m a pretty person?”

It’s not just his pretty face that is admired by many though, because people also like him for his personality and, of course, baking skills.

“People really were complimenting what I look like, which is nice to know that people think you’re pretty looking, so that’s nice. And to know that they also think that your personality is great too,” he shared.

Sandro further expressed,


“It’s sort of a win-win. I’m glad that the whole personality came through, because you don’t always want to be judged on what you look like. So I’m happy that there’s more to it. I have substance guys!”

There’s no denying that the ‘Bake Off’ finalist is quite likable (deservingly so), as he also revealed that his fans include “Hollywood stars, A-List stars that I watch myself, that I’m a fan of, messaging me saying they’re a fan of me.”


And now, we move on to some thirst tweets that are apparently a bit too 18+ for Sandro…



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