Bears Beware – Corona Is Coming For Your Beard!

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The CDC Is Recommending Men Shave Their Beards
In Order To Use Face Masks To Their Full Benefit.

If you haven’t heard about the Coronavirus by now – you should probably start leaving your prized valuables to loved ones because the virus is causing panic throughout the globe – how could you miss it?! Of course, that is me overreacting a little.  The Coronavirus is a mild respiratory tract infection, but it could eventually become lethal. The category of Corona viruses has been around since the ‘60s, but this COVID-19 strand making waves in the world today with almost three thousand people dead from it in the last few months. Heads up: It’s spread through respiratory droplets – so avoid anyone coughing or sneezing!

If you’re in major cities, you are probably seeing a lot of people walking around with face masks. It’s a little horrifying , but could this be the new normal or are we being over dramatic per usual? Right now it’s too close to tell, but with the Center of Disease Control (CDC) telling us that COVID-19 is about to hit the United States, I think we’re all a little freaked out. And now our men are about to have to make some changes if they want to fully protect themselves.

According to WKRN, the CDC re-released an infographic that was originally from 2017 stating which facial hairstyles are the most appropriate for getting the fullest protection while wearing a face mask. Some facial hair can prevent those precautions from working properly, especially if your mask has an exhalation valve.

Strangely, the CDC recognizes a whopping thirty-six styles of facial hair. Did you know there were so many to choose from!?  A clean shaven look is your best bet, but some facial hairstyles including a lampshade, handlebar, walrus, or pencil mustache, and a soul patch are still good to go. So, it looks like the Bears, Otters, and Cubs, and the men who love them should consider shaping up or moving on! Check out the full list of the right and wrong facial hairstyles below – and stay well!

Image via CDC

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  1. This is incorrect. This infographic is from 2017.
    Respirator masks are only recommended to be worn in healthcare settings by healthcare workers. You need to be properly fit tested for a respirator to be effective. The WHO recommends that only people with symptoms wear surgical masks. The general public do not need any type of mask unless they are unwell with symptoms. The best way to prevent and combat spread of infection is diligent hand washing.
    Please check your sources and stop spreading fear. You should send out a correction to this article.


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