Best Thanksgiving Ever? Let’s Look Back At Some Of Our Past Turkey Days.

As we sit here thinking, was this the best Thanksgiving ever we thought we would look back at some of the stories of Thanksgiving past on Instinct Magazine. Here are a handful from 2017 to 2013. 


2017 – Nyle DiMarco Wishes Us a Happy Thanksgiving Sans Shirt

If you are hungry for leftovers two days after Thanksgiving, then here is Nyle smiling shirtless, hairy chested, with a big ol Turkey to boot.  Gobble, gobble my friends.  Gobble, gobble. 







Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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also in 2017 – Uma Thurman DESTROYS Harvey Weinstein in Thanksgiving Post


Well, she's ready, and she let it all out yesterday in an Instagram post with a photo of her from one of the Kill Bill movies that wishes everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, minus Harvey.  There are some people we are not thankful for. Thanks for the reminder Uma. And we cannot believe this is a year old. 




2016 – Thanksgiving – Great Time Spent With Family Or A Time Of Torture? Here's Advice On How To Survive. ala SNL

The holiday season is upon us and so is time to spend with the family.  Is this a joyous activity for you or is it one of dread, disgust, and clock watching. Are you all excited and ask the question, are we there yet?  Or are you looking for excuses and mumbling, can we leave now?

It seems that Saturday Night Live jumped into some of our heads and came out with this all true skit.




2015 – Adele Saves Thanksgiving On 'SNL' Sketch

All that wine, and all of those carbs can sometimes make people loopy. Your otherwise sweet grandma suddenly starts making racist comments. Your loud Republican uncle gets a little too vocal about his support for Trump. And so on. 


Not to fear, because there's a foolproof remedy to combat all the crazy, and it isn't a suggestion of "Black Friday" shopping. Nope, it's Adele.

But how can Adele possibly save Thanksgiving, you ask? Check out this "SNL" sketch, and find out:





2014 – Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off" Gets A Gay Thanksgiving Parody, "Shake And Bake"  This year we're thankful for Adrian Anchondo and Daniel Franzese, who've returned to YouTube to give us a timely Taylor Swift Thanksgiving parody in "Shake and Bake." (Keep your eyes peeled for a cameo from gorgeous Looking star Russell Tovey!)

Taylor Swift- Shake it Off [Parody] "Shake and Bake" Starring Danny Franzese and Adrian Anchondo




2013 – 3 Tips For Coming Out On Thanksgiving

No matter where you fall on the LGBTQ spectrum, we all share one thing in common — coming out to our friends, family and loved ones. When, where or how you decide to do it is completely up to you, but it's always good to be equipped with a strategy or two before taking the plunge, especially on Thanksgiving or during the holidays. For the breakdown of these three, head over to the original post, but they are:

1.  I’m Gay—Pass the Gravy


2.  Divide and Conquer

3.  Bring a “Special Friend”

What was your best Thanksgiving ever? 

Did you use Thanksgiving to come out to friends? family?


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