‘Big Brother Canada’ Alum Kenny Brain Shows Off His Yummy Bubble Butt

Credit: @kennybrain Instagram

Kenny Brain is providing a yummy distraction for all of us who have been stuck inside for the past month. 

The Big Brother Canada alum, who has been thirsting up the interwebs for years due to his insanely hot body and gorgeous face, pretty much let it all hang out during a recent outdoors adventure.

He posted a set of Instagram photos from his experience on Saturday, April 18, that showed off his deliciously big bubble butt (SEE PICS HERE). The first pic put his amazing backside on display in front of a gorgeous landscape, but then again, who the heck is looking at what’s beyond his amazing tush?


Kenny appears to be a best of both worlds kind of guy in terms of the party he’s serving in the front and the back. He also gave fans a reason to drool when he posted a pic (SEE HERE) of him lounging in his grey shorts where the indent was HUGE (cue Donald Trump voice here). 

We profiled Kenny as our Hottie of the Week back in March where he discussed what guys like about him the most from a physical angle. “Eyes and thighs. Apparently I have a sparkle to my eye (or so my mom tells me) and I’ve always had pretty giant thunder thighs for my body frame. When I got fat in university, I would split my jeans vertically up the thigh when I used to squat down.” Woof indeed! 

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