Big Disney Fan Wows Theme Park With His Homemade Mary Poppins Outfit

Jeremythetea/TikTok Disney Image-Pixabay

TikTok has given many otherwise anonymous people more than their share of time in the spotlight. From crazy whacky pet videos and incredible singers to highly-skilled special effects users, there is no shortage of viral videos spawned from the popular social media platform, which boasts over 1 billion active monthly members.

One of the more unique viral TikTok videos to emerge in recent weeks (yes, these things have a short shelf life) came from the creative mind of a Florida college student who goes by the name of @Jeremythetea on social media. The self-proclaimed Disney addict went viral this week on TikTok for his fun, outstandingly bold, homemade Mary Poppins ensemble. 


Jeremy wore his outfit to the park for ‘Dapper Day’ —the park’s unofficial holiday, where tourists and visitors to the park dress up as their favorite Disney characters. Jeremy’s feel-good video melted the hearts of TikTokers but not before stealing the hearts of park employees whose priceless reactions were captured on Jeremy’s footage. 


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Even Disney World characters themselves showed big love and applause, as seen by their response to his Mary Poppins’ Jolly Holiday recreation, complete with hat and lace parasol.


In an interview with Newsweek, Jeremy shared, 

“It was Dapper Day, which is Disney’s unofficial [in-park] holiday where everyone comes to the park dressed to the nines! So I … thought what would make a better dapper outfit than Mary Poppins Jolly Holiday outfit?”

Further explaining how he put the ensemble together, Jeremy’s explained, “I made it myself with a white dress shirt, a lace camisole, a small fascinator hat, a corset, and lots of ribbons.”

In such a time of divisiveness in the world, Jeremey’s video gave me all the feels and made me smile. It’s so wonderful for a moment to forget about politics and our differences and instead revel in the childlike splendor and magic of Disney, America’s premier happiness brand for everyone of all ages.


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The highlight of Jeremy’s video is watching people’s amazement at his costume, both tourists and park performers. Amid Disney’s most notable characters, the enthusiasm was infectious, including Repunzel, Daisy, and Minnie and Mickey, all showering Jeremy with praise.

According to Newsweek, 


“Jeremy also interacted with Merida and Rapunzel on two separate occasions in the park; both times, the princesses were just as amazed. The two wave and bow their heads early in the day before shouting their admiration during a mid-day parade.”

‘Rapunzel,’ who had seen Jeremey previously that day in the park, cheered to him from her float excitedly upon her second sighting, “You have an umbrella now! You look amazing!” 


Perhaps the most rewarding reaction of them all came from the one and only flying nanny herself — Mary Poppins! Based on the video, it appeared that Miss Poppins had been hearing buzz all day about the young male Disney fan who arrived at the park in her likeness.

“I heard all about you!” Poppins shouted out to Jeremy. “Everyone was telling me to keep an eye out. You look splendid!”


Mary Poppins even called to Aladdin to look at Jeremy’s “Practically perfect” rendition of her iconic look. 

And I will admit, at that moment, I got teary-eyed. That moment became somewhat overwhelming for me as Jeremy is a black man, just like me, refusing to be held down by stereotypes. He is instead living his best life as his authentic self. It is beautiful to witness those attributes being celebrated.

2.1 million views and over 860,000 likes later, Jeremey became not only the talk of the park but the world, and the entire experience is one he will soon not forget, as he expressed to Newsweek,

“It was so awesome getting to be so dressed up with everybody in the park, and Mary commenting on it made my whole day! It was such a magical and wholesome moment, and it was a fantastic day at the Magic Kingdom.”

Well done, Jeremy. All your accolades are supercalifragilisticexpialidociously deserved!

Read more at Newsweek about this talented young man.

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