Big Trucks, Bananas, And Keeping Life On Balance

Rounding up some of our favorite Instagram posts this week, starting with Britney Spears’ main squeeze Sam Asghari who says he’s Magic Mike 3 ready.

Mortal Kombat star Mehcad Brooks wants us to start the year with a smile. #MissionAccomplished

Ricky Martin has a tub and he’s not afraid to use it:

Joe Putignano, former Cirque du Soleil performer, has still got it:

Out Olympic gymnastic medalist Arthur Nory kicked back at the beach:

Wes Dupee suddenly realized all he eats in the locker room are bananas and nuts #hmmm

Latin popstar Maluma sat down for a smoke in the ocean:

Realtor Allen Zeller went cave exploring in Puerto Vallarta:

Peanut the squirrel and his hooman share some ‘Squirrel dad problems.’

Andrés Camilo found some peace and quiet in Brazil:

Miguel Aquino has a really big truck:

Joven Calloway on how millennial gays and Gen Z gays answer a question:

Pietro Boselli took a hell of a selfie…

…and then Brian Michael Smith said ‘hold my beer.’

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