Billy Eichner To Star In Amazon’s Gay Rom-Com ‘Ex-Husbands’

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Billy Eichner has just signed on for another gay comedy.

According to Deadline, Amazon Studios just won a bidding war for a film called Ex-Husbands. The movie, with a story by Billy Eichner and Paul Rudnick, focuses on a gay couple’s divorce. Specifically, the characters Daniel and Connor “became the first gay couple in NYC to get legally married in 2015 and poster boys for LGBTQ love and acceptance. The only problem now is: they’re getting an even more epic divorce. It’s a War of the Roses-style battle for the ages as Daniel and Connor viciously, hilariously, and poignantly become Ex-Husbands.”


“The concept of a big, gay divorce comedy has been kicking around in my head for years and I cannot think of better collaborators than groundbreaking producers Greg and Sarah, and a true icon whose work I have craved and admired since I was a young gay boy lusting after show business, the brilliant Paul Rudnick who really paved the way for me and many others,” Eichner said in a statement after Amazon purchased rights to the film. “And we now have the perfect partners in Amazon, who have already shown enormous passion for this project. This is a dream team. Now, LET’S GET DIVORCED!!!”


While Billy Eichner came up with the film idea with Rudnick, the official screenplay was written by Rudnick. Eichner, however, will star and produce the film. He’ll be joined by Berlanti/Schechter Films.

“As a longtime fan of Billy Eichner, I was thrilled when he called me about this project. And when Greg Berlanti and Sarah Schecter became involved, I knew we were in the best possible hands. Ex-Husbands has the potential to be wildly funny, emotional and altogether delightful,” Rudnick said in his own statement.


It seems that Billy Eichner is becoming Hollywood’s go-to man when it comes to gay rom coms. Not only does he have this project in the works for Amazon Prime Video, but he has another gay comedy in the works. In 2019, we first heard of an untitled gay rom-com that was greenlit by Universal. Eichner was working on that project with Neighbors director Nick Stoller. Nothing else was disclosed about that film at the time, but then more was announced earlier this year. In March, we heard that the film has been titled Bros. There’s still very little known about the project. But, we do have a vague description.

It reads, “Universal Pictures proudly presents the first romantic comedy from a major studio about two gay men maybe, possibly, probably stumbling towards love. Maybe. They’re both very busy.”


In response to the announcement, Billy Eichner tweeted at the time, “In shocking news, BROS will be the first rom-com about gay men ever produced by a major studio and, apparently, I’m the first openly gay man to ever write and star in their own studio film. Only took 100 years! THANKS HOLLYWOOD!!!”

Keep in mind, Eichner forgot the 20th Century Fox film Love, Simon. But, his sheer joy for the project gives him a pass on that one. That and his second note after the announcement.

“Also, f*ck my manager in 2006 who told me to be less gay because a big agent was coming to my show. F**KKKKKKK YOUUUUUUU!!! Ok I’ll shut up now,” he wrote.

Congratulations to Billy Eichner on his continued success. We can’t wait to watch these two films!

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