Black And Gay Politician Malcolm Kenyatta Won The Democratic Primary For Pennsylvania’s House of Reps.

Image via the Malcolm Kenyatta Campaign

Philadelphia and Pennsylvania are celebrating after the first openly gay man of color won the state house primary.

27-year-old Malcolm Kenyatta is a North Philadelphia native who’s been a part of politics for 15 years now. At the age of 12, he ran for junior block captain.

Then after graduating from Temple University, Kenyatta worked as the campaign manager for lesbian community advocate Sherrie Cohen. He’s also served as a DNC delegate, served on the boards of Equality Pennsylvania, Liberty City LGBT Democratic Club, and more.

Now, its time for Kenyatta to move on up as he’s won the Democratic primary bid for state House representative for the 181th District in Pennsylvania. He’s actually trying to win the seat that used to belong to his cousin W. Curtis Thomas who announced his retirement in the spring.

Image via the Malcolm Kenyatta Campaign

Many people and organizations have been endorsing Kenyatta such as Philly for Change, the Victory Fund, and former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell.

That said, not everyone was in support of Malcolm Kenyatta as someone put up anti-gay posters of Kenyatta and his ex-husband around the district during election time.

Despite that aggression, Kenyatta won the Democratic primary bid and will now go on to the general election in November. Due to Philadelphia being majority Democratic, Kenyatta and openly gay state Rep. Brian Sims (who also won his primary) are expected to win in the fall.

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