Blake Mitchell Discusses A Scary Incident He Experienced After New York City Pride

Blake Mitchell's weekend at New York City Pride took a major turn for the worse after he left.

He was heading eastbound on a highway when he saw two semi-trucks nearly collide with one another on the opposite side of the road. In their effort to avoid a collision, one of the semi’s slammed into a passenger van in front of it. As a result, the van flipped on its side and proceeded to skid down the highway.

Blake went into action and, with the help of some strangers, pulled a father and his two daughters from the van. It was good timing, as the van had begun to leak gasoline and they were lucky to be able to pull them to safety without the wreckage igniting.

He talked about how this experience resonated with signs that are seeing all over NYC, primarily with the MTA: “If you see something, say something.” He breaks down how we should help each other out in situations like these, regardless of our social or political backgrounds, and how a little more kindness in the world can go a long way.

Way to go Blake. Watch the clip below:



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