Bodybuilder’s Thirst Pics Got Him Busted For The Capitol Riot

Images via the FBI & Instagram @knuckle_sandwich35

Well, this is stupid for so many reasons.

A Michigan bodybuilder named Logan Barnhart was arrested in connection to the Capitol insurrection from the start of the year. And the thing that got him caught? His thirst pics.


According to Business Insider, there’s video footage of Barnhart pulling a police officer down the Capitol steps. Shortly after, another rioter is seen beating the officer with a flagpole. Despite footage of him being readily available online, Logan Barnhart remained unidentified for months. In fact, a community of online sleuths known as “Sedition Hunters” started referring to Barnhart as “#CatSweat.” The name came from photos of Barnhart wearing sunglasses and a sweatshirt branded by construction equipment company Caterpillar.


Eventually, members of the group discovered a video of Barnhart, without his sunglasses, at a Trump rally before the Capitol attack. They then used a facial recognition program to discover bodybuilding photos of Logan Barnhart. The group also found uncovered photos of a shirtless Barnhart posing on the cover of multiple romance novels, such as “Stepbrother UnSEALed: A Bad Boy Military Romance.”


But according to HuffPost, it was Barnhart’s Instagram account that ultimately did him in. Federal investigators discovered a 2019 photo of Barnhart with the same American flag he brought to the insurrection. Then an August 2020 photo showed the same Caterpillar sweatshirt that he wore on January 6th.



As AP News reports, Logan Barnhart was then arrested and charged with assaulting and resisting with a dangerous weapon, civil disobedience, disorderly and disruptive conduct, engaging in physical violence, and an act of physical violence in the Capitol Building or grounds. Barnhart then made an appearance in federal court in Grand Rapids on Tuesday. He was eventually released on a $5,000 bond.


Logan Barnhart is now the 12th Michigan resident to face charges in connection to the Capitol attack. This is now leading to a call to investigate “Michigan’s role in the insurrection,” according to state House Democratic Leader Donna Lasinski.

“It should be clear by now that some in our state played a key role leading up to and during this attack on our democracy,” Lasinski said. “We need to know how deep these ties go to ensure a complete accounting of the events of Jan. 6 to make sure nothing like this ever happens again.”

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