Boosie Admits To Arranging Sex For Underage Sons To Ensure Heterosexuality

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Avid Homophobic Rapper, Lil Boosie, Announces He Paid A Woman To Perform Fellatio On Young Sons

Lil’ Boosie Badazz. is one of those rappers that we in the LGBTQ community are probably not familiar with.  He’s a relative unknown, but has put himself in the news for not being able to keep his distain for our people out of his mouth. When he isn’t bad mouthing homosexuals on his Instagram Live, he’s busy insulting Dwayne Wade for having a transgender daughter, and is getting kicked out of gyms for his anti-LGBTQ prophecy. He’s never wavered from his hatred of gays and as evidence from his recent rants, he is determined his sons won’t grow up to be gay either.


According to The Shade Room, Boosie stupidly made an announcement that he arranged for women to perform fellatio on his twelve and thirteen year old sons to “train them off right.” Basically, he is admitting to having his sons receive oral sex from a woman at a young age so they wouldn’t grow up to be gay. He even states he did this gracious service for his nephews as well. He states that this grown woman also performed the sex act on him as well. Because that’s how it works?! That’s how you make someone not gay – running a train on a woman? What is this person thinking? More so, what adult woman would agree to do this!? The nasty video of his story is below:

Some would come to his defense with claims that’s how it happens in African American culture. An adult male will pay for the services of a stripper to provide sex acts on teenagers. From a personal story of an ex boyfriend who is Hispanic, his family member did the same to him while on a vacation in Mexico. Regardless of strange familial or heterosexual initiations, this is absolutely wrong and is absolutely child sex abuse. What Boosie has to admit is this type of behavior is entirely unheard of with same-sex parents – so who is the real problem here?


We wonder if Boosie has heard of gay for pay, men having families and being on the down low, men getting married while they know they are truly gay. Poor Boosie is way out of touch with reality. And guess what Boosie, we all close our eyes and think of who we want to during sex. 

Should Boosie’s claim of hiring prostitutes to pleasure his under age male relatives be investigated by the police? Would anything even come of it? Is his story something that should be used to banish him from his social media accounts? What do you think of this heinous act?

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  1. Child abuse ! Authorities ? He committed a crime ! He essentially paid for them to be molested , what a vile person!


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