Boycott Over Pride Jerseys Sets Team Up to Fail

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You can’t call yourself the Manly Warringah Sea Eagles and then proceed to get triggered over a gay pride sports jersey. Also, if you need to profess yourself as manly, well, you probably aren’t… 

7 rugby players from team Manly Warringah Sea Eagles are protesting the gay pride jerseys they are being forced to wear ahead of Thursday’s big game. The upcoming match is a big one for the Sea Eagles, where it will be decided if they move on to the final bracket in Australia’s National Rugby League.


Think Australia’s Superbowl for rugby.

Although this will mark the first time a rugby league in Australia will rock gay pride jerseys, the history making event will surely be a loss for the Sea Eagles considering 7 players are refusing to take the field. They are Josh Aloiai, Jason Saab, Christian Tuipulotu, Josh Schuster, Haumole Olakau’atu, Tolu Koula and Toafofoa Sipley. Hey, boys!

The men’s reasoning for boycotting the gay pride jerseys is because it violates their religious and cultural beliefs, and they don’t have a choice except to sit the game out due to rugby law saying all members have to wear the same jersey. Considering same-sex marriage became legal in Australia in 2017, the fine gentlemen listed above can just come out and say their homophobic because it is certainly not a “cultural belief.” 

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What makes this whole situation even more cringe is the fact that the Sea Eagles’ coach Des Hasler and Australia’s Prime Minister Anthony Albanese have doubled down on the homophobia. 

According to BBC, Des Hasler stated that “at a minimum, [the team] should have been consulted,” and Anthony Albanese said we should respect everyone’s opinion. 

Now, Lad Bible is reporting that the pride jersey available for fans of the team to purchase have SOLD OUT. 


Let me just say… I was in competitive sports for 3 years. Competitive running, of course, but still my goal was always to get a medal or place top 10. I don’t care if I was wearing pink. I don’t care if I was wearing booty shorts (shivers). I don’t care if I was wearing a shirt with the Star of David on it. I don’t care if I was wearing anything at all! When you’re a true competitor, the goal is to compete with respect and dignity and the best of your ability.

Not only are these men telling Australia gay rights are still not accepted, but they’re also costing their team the win – which I’m sure will have some sort of fall out. 

Source: BBC, Lad Bible

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  1. If these reluctant players don’t play and win. Thier lack of Sportsmanship will be a huge Stain on thier Character as Real Men. Cultural and Religious beliefs are inconsequential. They have already made themselves Targets for ridicule. Had they played and won they’d be Hero’s to so many young men and women who love the Sport.


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