Breaking Down Who The Contenders Are for ‘RPDR All Stars 6’

In the words of Mama RuPaul, “Bring back our All-Stars!” Premiering just in time for the summer, “All Stars 6” will begin on June 24th on the streaming service, Paramount+. “Second Chances are Paramount,” we hear in the trailer for the season. Are third chances paramount as well? Because we have FOUR queens back for a THIRD shot at the title this time around. We also have some queens that the term All-Star might be a stretch for, no tea, no shade, no pink lemonade. With the largest cast ever assembled for an All-Star season, 13!, there should be someone for everyone to stan. 

Before the season begins, let’s discuss each Queen and make some predictions about who might go home first, who will cause the most drama, and who is probably a lock for the Grand Finale. [These predictions are solely opinion-based, no spoilers have been read.]

Akeria C. Davenport. Season 11, eliminated in the Grand Finale.  


Akeria had a strong showing in her season, making it all the way to the Grand Finale, losing her “SOS” lip sync to eventual season winner Yvie Oddly. She seemed well-liked by other cast members, stayed away from the drama, has a strong backstory raising her nephew and won challenges. Expect her to go far.

Eureka. Season 9 and 10. Withdrew from season 9 for medical reasons. Season 10 runner-up.


The self-titled Elephant Queen is back for a third run at the crown. A polarizing queen in the Drag Race community, but not to the judges who heaped praise on her week after week. She made it to the final lip sync for the crown against Kameron Michaels and season winner Aquaria. Drag race fans are split down the middle with some feeling she outperformed Aquaria in both finale lip syncs. Drama seems to follow Eureka wherever she goes and she battled it out with The Vixen for most of the season. Her HBO makeover show with Bob the Drag Queen and Shangela “We’re Here!” was well-received, so maybe she has simmered down some. Expect her to go far as well. Fun game – every time Eureka cries take a drink, you will be hammered by the end of the episode!

Ginger Minj. Season 7 and All Stars 2. Season 7 runner-up. Eliminated 3rd in All-Stars 2. 


Another strong contender and another Queen brought back for the third time. A fan favorite, Ginger probably lost out by a hair to Violet Chacki in season 7. All Stars 2 was another story. Widely considered the best season of the series, All Stars 2 was packed with the best of the best and Ginger could not find any traction. But with this cast, she is considered a serious threat. (Was that shade?) Her post drag race career has been stellar, most notably with a role in “Dumplin,” the heartwarming Netflix movie starring Jennifer Aniston. I would be surprised if she was not in the Grand Finale.

Jan. Season 12, eliminated in 8th place.


Jan wants to be America’s Next Drag Superstar. A lot. Almost too much. From the very start of her season, the judges clocked her want, and sometimes her over the top need to win a challenge. Her cold stare after losing the Madonna rusical challenge is now legendary. All of that does nothing to take away from her immense talent. She is a member of Stephanie’s child, the NYC girl group with season 13 finalist Rosé, and is known as a “work horse” queen, booking gig after gig. Jan has what it takes. If she can reign in the desperation she has a good shot to make a run for the title.

Jiggly Caliente. Season 6, eliminated in 8th place. 


May I call you Jiggly? Another NYC queen back in the competition, Jiggly is one of the wild cards of the season, her run could go either way. One of the two Transgender queens this season Jiggly originally competed in season 6, another season with a very strong roster of queens. Jiggly started off the season barely surviving the first episode having to lip sync for her life. Her apocalyptic couture dress is regarded by many as one of the worst garments to walk the runway with Michelle Visage telling her, “girl you got garbage falling off of you.” Her personality earned her some points as she made it somewhat far into the season. With a role on the smash hit television show, “Pose,” her star is rising. It will be interesting to see where she lands this time around.

Kylie Sonique Love. Season 2, eliminated in 9th place.


Another wild card in the competition and the second Transgender queen competing for the crown. Kylie Sonique Love appeared WAY back in season 2, competing under the name Sonique, losing to Morgan McMichaels in a lip sync. Technically she is the first queen eliminated in the Snatch Game. She is also TECHNICALLY the first transgender winner, if you are counting the 2018 Holi-gay spectacular special episode. With the 2nd highest followers of the cast, she has a massive amount of fan support. Could she be the Tatianna of this season?

Pandorra Boxx, Season 2 and All Stars 1. Season 2, eliminated in 5th place. All Stars 1, eliminated first.


Our second queen from season two and a former Miss Congeniality winner (hint, there is another one in this cast..) Pandorra Boxx is much loved in the Drag Race community. This is her third time appearing on the show, after being eliminated in the first episode of the first All Stars season. A controversial season to say the least, the competing as partners twist teamed up Pandorra with Mimi Imfurst. This pairing was not made in heaven, obviously. A comedy queen, her Carol Channing in the first ever Snatch Game was hysterical. If her fashion game is elevated enough, she will be a serious threat.

Ra’Jah O’Hara. Season 11, eliminated in 9th place.


Ra’Jah O’Hara might be back looking for that ever elusive redemption arc. Her run on season 11 was dismal, to say the least. She was in the bottom four of the seven episodes she appeared in. One of those bottom appearances resulted in the infamous six way lip sync for your life after the groan-inducing Mariah Carey skit flopped. With so many appearances in the bottom she is considered a lip sync assassin though. She also found herself in many an argument throughout her run, most notably with fellow All Stars 6 contestant Scarlet Envy. If I was a betting man, I would bet on her to go out first.

Scarlet Envy. Season 11, eliminated in 10th place.


Here we have yet ANOTHER season 11 contestant in the mix, reminiscent of All Stars 2 with all the season 5 queens. Scarlet started out strong her season, with RuPaul telling her on the runway that she did a great job casting the Trump rusical, something that did not sit well with other queens. Scarlet’s confidence or over confidence seemed to rub the other queens the wrong way and she seemed like an outsider to the rest of the group. Honestly, her run could go either way this time around. Fingers crossed she goes far.

Serena Cha Cha. Season 5, eliminated 2nd.


There is not much to say about Serena except that if her brief two episode run way back in season 5 is any indication of what’s to come we should not expect much. Her two runway outfits are both train wrecks and she rubbed the other contestants the wrong way calling them “ghetto.” She did, in a way, have a part in the creation of a classic Drag Race phrase as Detox told her “I have had it. OFFICIALLY!” HOWEVER, she was one of the youngest contestants ever to compete on Drag Race. Lets hope, like many of us have lol, she has matured and grown and will prove all her haters wrong!

Silky Nutmeg Ganache. Season 11, eliminated in the Grand Finale.

Yes, another season 11 contestant in the mix, this one – the most likely to cause the most drama. Silky, overall had a strong season, winning multiple challenges and making it all the way to the Grand Finale. However, there were major stumbles as well. Her looks were constantly clocked by the judges for being unfinished and she barely survived a lip sync that RuPaul herself deemed “Meh.” {Her shantaying instead of Nina West still has fans upset}. If the first few challenges are design related, Silky could be in trouble. If the first few challenges are acting challenges, she could step up to the plate. Expect her and Eureka to be best friends. Or mortal enemies. My guess is the latter.


Trinity K. Bonet. Season 6, eliminated in 7th place.



The lip sync assassin of season six is back. Trinity struggled with her confidence throughout her season faltering on challenge after challenge. She had a breakthrough in the Roast challenge and RuPaul praised her with tears in her eyes. Trinity has the most followers of any queen this season. Expect her to be the surprise standout of the season. If she has that confidence issue under control expect her to be unstoppable. A grand finale spot is within her reach. It already happened for one Trinity (the Tuck), could lightning strike twice?

Yara Sofia. Season 2 and All Stars 1. Season 2, eliminated in 4th place. All Stars 1 eliminated in 5th/6th place. 


Echa Pa’lante! The final contestant competing this season is a former Miss Congeniality back for a third run for the title. Yara Sofia just missed out on a Grand Finale spot both times she has competed; she is going to be hungry to make it all the way to the end this time. Serving edgy dramatic looks on the runway earned her multiple wins, while her Snatch game performance as Amy Winehouse was a bit of a mess. A fan favorite for over a decade Yara is a sentimental favorite to bring the crown home to Puerto Rico for the first time ever.

And there we have it, thirteen queens, one crown. We will have to wait until June 24th to see our queens bring it, bring it to the runway. Check back at for all the Drag Race tea throughout the summer as All Stars 6 airs. 

Who are your picks to take home the crown Instincters? Sound off in the comments below, and as always keep it nice. We all love our Girls but no hating on someone just because they think Ra’Jah O Hara is going to go home first or that Silky needs to step her looks up! Happy Memorial Day weekend!

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