PA Rep. Brian Sims Reveals New Boyfriend

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Brian Sims is dating someone? Good for him!

43-year-old Pennsylvania Rep. Brian Sims, who ran for Pennyslvania Lt. Governor last month, recently confirmed his relationship status through social media. In both an Instagram and Facebook post, Sims shared a picture of himself and another man enjoying the beach.


To caption the photo, Sims wrote, “GENTLE MOMENTS: It’s been weird falling in love during a year-long political campaign and then…well…a shitstorm! Times are tough and not getting easier. Fighting back is what I know best, but today I’m wishing on all of you as many gentle moments & soft touches as possible.”

Funny enough, this isn’t the first time that Sims has shared a picture of himself with his, now revealed, boyfriend. Two weeks ago, Brian Sims shared another picture of the two with Sims’s dog.


Back then, he wrote, “PRIDE: It can feel like there’s a shortage of Love in this world! People can be pretty rough on one another. For me, part of celebrating Pride is acknowledging that Love deserves center stage as often as possible. So here’s to the fight for Equality, to our Love Stories, yours and mine…and to Alex! Happy Pride, All!”

With a little digging, aka clicking Sims’s tags list on his Facebook post, we found out that this Alex is named Alex Drakos.


This is also not the first time that Brian Sims has been open about his dating life. In 2018, Brian Sims included his then-boyfriend Brandon McMullin in campaign photos for his re-election. The two then broke up at an unspecified time and Sims talked about dating again in 2020. At the time, the politician shared that it was difficult to “find love” during a global pandemic.

He wrote on Facebook, “DATING: Trying to find love during a global pandemic is pretty complicated most days. Yeah I want to go to movies and restaurants again too, but talk to me about holding hands, weekend adventures, and meeting my dog.”

When asked whether being a celebrity might be affecting his dating life, Sims responded, “I think it’s probably just another thing that impacts my life and therefore my love life. Some days it’s ok, most days it’s not.”

Screenshot via Facebook

But it looks like things worked out for Brian Sims. And again, good for him!

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