Brian Sims Donated His Kidney To His Dying Neighbor?

Brian Sims -Instagram

Sims is reminding us of the time he gave his kidney to his dying neighbor.

Pennsylvania House of Representatives member Brian Sims recently revisited the story through a post on his Twitter account. The tweet from May 13 talks about Sims having dinner with his parents and his neighbor. He then shared the sentiment that “families come in all shapes and sizes. Ours is pretty special.”


Sims quickly posted again, both to Twitter and Facebook, about the moment he reconnected with his neighbor.

“Last month I was walking through the city to my office and passed a table and did a double-take,” he wrote. “My recipient Alan and his husband John were sitting having lunch. A perfectly normal, healthy, happy couple sitting in the sun enjoying each other’s company. It was perfection! I stopped and we all held back tears and just tried to enjoy the ‘normalcy of days that are truly a gift.”


This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about Brian Sims donating his kidney. The moment happened last May. Later that month, Sims revealed the fact when he challenged the House of Representatives’ poor response to a COVID-19 scare. Sims specifically called out House Speaker Mike Turzai for knowing that GOP lawmakers had tested positive without informing Democrats.

“Members in this room have small children, elderly family members that they care for, spouses with autoimmune diseases, and lives that constantly put us at risk of interacting with others,” he tweeted at the time. “For me, my story wasn’t supposed to be told, but here goes…”

He continued, “In late January I secretly donated a kidney to a person who lives about 10 blocks from me in the City. He was dying of renal failure and I turned out to be a near-perfect match. I spent several days in the hospital and several days with fifth a friend before returning home.

“My recipient began to improve almost immediately and his long-term prognosis is strong, and none of this was ever supposed to be public. People are cynical, especially about politics. And so I decided to share the donation with only my friends, staff, and family,” he added.




Since then, Brian Sims has been more vocal about supporting organ and tissue donation. In addition, it seems he’s staying connected to his neighbor. And, we love to hear it.

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