Bring Back Our Girls – Who Brought It And Who Should Have Stayed Home

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Here we go, ladies and gentlemen, the long-awaited premiere episode of All Stars 6 is FINALLY here. RuPaul (and Paramount TV) knowing our thirst for all things Drag Race went ahead and dropped not one, but TWO, episodes of All Stars 6 on Thursday, June 24th.  Let’s get to recapping the premiere episode, who surprised, who seems exactly the same and who went home first.



The first one in is Akeria C. Davenport, looking very pretty and telling us how she made the Grand Finale her first time around and wants the crown this time (as most Queens will say.) After her, looking absolutely STUNNING is Jiggly Caliente. Jiggly discusses how discovering she is transgender led her to know herself as a person, a drag queen, and an entertainer. Season 12 queen Jan is next, who immediately owns how unhinged she came across on her season, due to her all-consuming need to win. The first of the season 11 queens, Ra’Jah O Hara, walks in, also owning that she was a complete bitch her first go around. In one of my least favorite entrance looks, Ginger Minj sashays in. Another three-time competitor Yara Sofia joins the club. Pulling cookies and milk, again, out of her bustier is Silky Nutmeg Ganache, didn’t work the first time around, but sure let’s do it again.

Pandorra Boxx, whose makeup seems very very heavy, walks in next. Even with the caked-on makeup, I am still a fan! Another STUNNER, Scarlet Envy, shows up, ready to prove all the queens who said she should go home wrong. Serena ChaCha, season 5 castoff, eight years later is now ready for her closeup. BEST DRESSED out of the entrance looks is Kylie Sonique Love, ready to reintroduce herself as Kylie (she competed as Sonique on Season 2). Also now identifying as transgender, telling us she had more to grow and knew that season 2 was not her moment. Trinity K. Bonet, the self-proclaimed lip-sync assasin of season 6 walks in, loving her long weave, her outfit not so much. Last but definitely not least, with her “all star lips” Eureka, back for a third shot at the title. THIRTEEN QUEENS, the most ever for an All Stars season.

Enter RuPaul with a cryptic, “this season of All Stars is a game within a game..” We will hear this again at the very end of the episode so something definitely is afoot! 

RuPaul also ruveals another Queen – MISS PIGGY! COME THROUGH THE MUPPETS. 



Because Reading is What? FUN-DA-MENTAL! 

Ginger Minj wins the challenge by telling RuPaul her cholesterol is higher than her standards these days after looking at the All Stars 6 cast. Also asking Jiggly, “may I call you…stupid?” and clocking Pandorra Boxx mentioning how old she is saying even her wigs have osteoporosis. 







Akeria C. Davenport


Ginger Minj*


Kylie Sonique Love

Scarlet Envy*

Jiggy Caliente*

I could have seen Eureka, Ginger, or Scarlet in the top, Scarlet especially with a cute bawdy burlesque number with bubbles. On the flip side, I would not have been surprised to see Jiggly in the bottom.



Silky Nutmeg Ganache – seated at a piano asking the judges and fellow queens (no audience this time around) Silky asks if she “can take everyone to church.” Which she definitely did not do. The judges remark how the performance sort of fell flat and didn’t go anywhere.

Trinity K. Bonet – looking stunning but her comedy performance was DISASTROUS. crickets. she is definitely going to be up for elimination.

Serena ChaCha – singing about wigs, Michelle Visage tells her “idea great, execution not so great.” The judges wanted more “cha cha” and Serena tells them she agrees and should have done more of that.



Ra’Jah O’Hara – going against the grain Ra’Jah creatively sews a dress in 60 seconds. The judges love this performance more than I do, but it is clever and different from most of the song and dance numbers so it’s not hard to see why she is in the top three.

Yara Sofia – on RPDR the crazier the performance the better apparently. Yara slays with a combination striptease, comedy number slash dance performance. The judges can’t verbalize what they witnessed but they LOVED IT.

Pandorra Boxx – the best of the combined musical spoken word performances Pandorra earns high praise from the judges with words like “enjoyable to watch,” “very entertaining,”  and “funny.”


RuPaul gives the win to Yara Sofia and places Trinity K. Bonet and Serena ChaCha in the bottom two.

As per All Stars rules, Yara will compete against a lip-sync assassin. If she wins she casts the sole vote to send a queen home. If the lip-sync assassin wins the queen sent home will be decided by the rest of the queens.


BAM! Starting the season off with a bang, in walks Coco Montrese – one of the BEST lip-sync assassins EVER to grace the RPDR stage. Battling it out to Uptown Funk Coco pulls out the win.



The cast of All Stars 6 voted to send Serena ChaCha home first, saving Trinity K. Bonet to slay another day. As the episode ends and Serena is saying her goodbyes to the camera, once again RuPaul tells Serena all is not lost and that “there is a game within a game.” As with most seasons of Drag Race, there is a chance for one eliminated queen to get back in, this seems a little different than that. We will have to wait to see what exactly this means.


So Drag Racers? What did you think of the premiere episode? Who do you Stan (for me it’s Jan, Pandorra Boxx, and Kylie Sonique Love!) Sound off in the comments below.

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