Britney Spears Delivers The Sexiest Version Of Madonna’s ‘Justify My Love’: Watch

Credit: Britney Spears Instagram

Britney Spears has kept our attention on Instagram with her colorful variety of photos and videos that she’s posted for months now. 

The pop icon kept that trend going on October 19 when she uploaded a clip of her dancing to Madonna‘s classic hit “Justify My Love” in a sexy red halter top & black lace panties inside what looked to be her house.


The clip received mixed reviews with some thinking it was her just being sexy and doing her thing while others repeatedly questioned her mental state, the latter of which has been a constant topic of conversation within the massive Britney fanbase. 

Perhaps Britney was just simply trying to pay homage to her fellow pop icon as “Justify My Love” was released 30 years ago around this time. Madonna received a ton of controversy herself for the song’s video which was banned from MTV after its release due to its very suggestive content.

The video was shot in Paris and featured her then boyfriend Tony Ward and some of her well-known dancers including the legendary Jose Xtravaganza.


Madonna (or the character she’s playing) makes her way through a glitzy hotel which was shot in a grainy black and white kind of way. Throughout the five minute clip you see a lot of racy behavior happening including couples engaging in BDSM as well as some racy same sex smooching. 

The “Material Girl” made an incredibly smart move after MTV banned it when she sold the song as a video single so people could purchase it and enjoy it from the comfort of their own home. This helped it reach the number one spot on the Billboard Hot 100 for two weeks, becoming one of her 12 songs to hit the coveted pole position.  

Britney and Madonna have had their fare share of historic moments together. They worked together on the former’s single and video for “Me Against The Music” in 2003.


They also created one of the biggest moments in MTV Video Music Awards history that same year where the two gave engaged in a sweet kiss during a medley of songs that also featured Christina Aguilera & Missy Elliott

Ahhh good times!