Britney Spears Says She Felt Like An ‘Ugly Duckling’ Before Superstardom

Credit: Britney Spears Instagram

Britney Spears, who is widely considered to be one of the most legendary beauties in pop culture history, got candid about her insecurities in a new Instagram post shared on Monday, May 18.


The “Lucky” singer uploaded a selfie of her rocking a fairly common hairstyle that led to a further conversation about why she felt less than growing up. “I know I need bangs! Who would have thought bangs could make you look waaaaay younger?!,” she wrote. “I stopped having bangs in the 3rd grade and I remember like it was yesterday. It was such a big deal to expose my forehead, only pretty people in the south could do that and I never felt pretty enough to pull it off.”

Britney continued, “All the beauty pageant girls did it but I never felt beauty pageants were my thing. I had bad teeth and felt like an ugly duckling. I met with a modeling agency but I wasn’t pretty enough so I went home and said, ‘maybe I can be like the older girls and show my forehead!'” 

She finished the caption with an interesting message about how putting the bangs “in front” of her head made her feel like she’s “protected.” Fans reassured her that she’s beautiful no matter what in the comments section, with one writing, “You don’t need to worry about looking young, you’re perfect.”


The Grammy winner’s Instagram account has been filled with a bunch of interesting moments that range from sexy to shocking, especially during quarantine. Britney played a cute game of peek-a-boo with her followers and also pretty much broke the internet when she mentioned her famous ex-boyfriend Justin Timberlake while dancing to his song “Filthy”. 


She’s also posted many hot photos of her hunky boyfriend Sam Asghari for us to ogle over (like the one of him relaxing in the pool with just a pair of shorts on). 


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