Bryan Singer Plots a Comeback After Sexual Assault Claims

Bryan Singer has been facing a number of controversies in the past years, including a 2019 Atlantic exposé, claiming that he sexually assaulted four men when they were underage.


As a response to the detailed allegations, the filmmaker categorically denied ever having sex with, nor having a preference for underage men. More recently, Variety revealed that he “is quietly plotting a comeback.”

The outlet’s sources reportedly said that Singer “is looking to return to his lower-budget auteur roots with three narrative features set in and around Israel.” In recent years, the 57-year-old ‘X-Men’ filmmaker has been residing in Israel, and is working without an agent.

The outlet further noted that he “has been meeting with would-be investors about backing the films, one of which is set in the 1970s. They would be made for $10 million apiece. Jason Taylor, who previously served as president of production at Singer’s Bad Hat Harry Prods., is producing the films.”

Aside from said features, Singer is also reportedly “working on a self-financed documentary about himself and ‘his struggles.'” The outlet’s source, who saw the filmmaker’s pitch, called it “impressive,” and it is said to address the sexual assault allegations, as well as “cover his attempt at career resurrection.”

Meanwhile, Singer’s representative declined to comment about his supposed comeback.


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  1. I used to know one of the underage gay boys who accused him. I wasn’t there so obviously don’t know if it’s true or not, I just remember wanting justice if something really did happen.


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