Bryan Singer’s Latest Film Shelved Amid Child Sexual Abuse Allegations

Bryan Singer's Latest Film Shelved Amid Child Sexual Abuse Allegations


Is This The Beginning To The End Of His Infamous Career?

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Red Sonja has been shelved after the latest allegations against Singer. Filming was scheduled for Spring 2019 in Bulgaria.

This year hasn't been kind to ashamed director, Bryan Singer. Singer has had two decades worth of child sexual abuse allegations against him, which he denies, and Hollywood has allowed the claims to get swept under the rug each time. Finally in the era of #MeToo, these allegations have been taken seriously. Last month, The Atlantic released an extensive report on Singer's seemingly endless allegations of abuse with boys as young as fourteen-years-old.

Singer has been in the news not only for his allegations, but also the critical and commercial success of the latest film he directed, Bohemian Rhapsody. We've already reported both GLAAD and BAFTA have dropped Singer from their nominations of best directorBrian MayQueen's guitarist, has disowned Singer as director and the film's breakout star, Rami Malek, is openly separating himself from Singer as well. Through the social media outrage, Singer somehow was protected by Millennium Films' Chief Executive Officer, Avi Lerner, who claimed Singer would still be directing the company's latest film in pre-production, a remake of Red Sonja. However, it appears someone's eyes have been opened and Singer may have lost his first job after twenty plus years of allegations.


Do you believe the allegations against Singer or are you going to support him until he's proven guilty?

For more on Red Sonja, here is an interview with the original Marvel hero, Brigitte Nielsen, followed by the original trailer for the movie.

"I see myself in another Marvel story playing the villain where I can just kick butt and just totally scare the crap out of all of you."






h/t: The Hollywood Reporter

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  1. Bryan’s not guilty of rape

    Bryan's not guilty of rape—but he is guilty of creepy sexual behavior and wielding his power to manipulate those much less powerful. But most importantly, he's a tyrant and has bullied many, many people over the years in his work and personal lives. Criminal? Prob not. But karma's still a bitch


    • You can’t say he’s not guilty

      You can’t say he’s not guilty of that. I’m sure that more than once it has happened. Perhaps, just perhaps, it wasn’t the violent kind but more like the kind where you get the boys drugged out and half aware then do whatever you want. That is 100% trespass and there doesn’t need to be violence for it to be illegal.


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