Bubble Butt Gaston Roasts Disney Visitor

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Sticking To True Villain Form, A Hunky Disney Actor Hilariously Shades An Adoring Park Guest

Ahh, yes – one of our true hidden secrets is that we probably all have fawned over one of the Disney princes or villains before. Admit it, you’ve likely taken an online quiz to find out which Disney character would be your ultimate soulmate, right? While little ones want to grow up to be the classic Disney fairytale princes and princesses, some of us have allowed those characters to shape who, what, and why we want particular traits in our partners based in reality. Whether you’d prefer the company of a bad boy like Aladdin, a forever young twink like Peter Pan, or someone as charmingly dense as The Little Mermaid’s love interest, Prince Eric, chances are you’ve thought about this long and hard. While the villainous side of Disney tends to be bombarded with the wicked and the damned, Beauty and the Beast’s alpha-male and baddie, Gaston, has probably been on your top 5 list. With the bastardly sexy, and openly gay, Luke Evans portraying Gaston in the live action BATB film, Gaston got even that much hotter and more realistic than ever to achieve someone of such perfection. But, that’s the thing – he’s a villain! And perhaps one Disney guest should’ve remembered that.


According to Daily Dot, a bubbly TikTok user (@nots0swift: translated to not-so-swift, now we know why) was visiting Disneyworld in Florida and saw maybe her Disney dreamboat, Gaston, in a parade. The user’s pal videos their now viral interaction, when we see the guest hollering aloud about an alleged recent breakup. The user screams to the hunky Gaston that she has just gotten dumped and wants to go on a date with him. Be ready for some cringe: The actor playing Gaston, right on que, tells her, “I’m sorry I’m looking for the most beautiful woman in town.” OUCH! Check out their interaction below – and the total embarrassment from the visitor:


nooooo one roasts like Gaston #disneyworld #gaston #beautyandthebeast #wdw #waltdisneyworldparks @gfoltzinator

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The TikTok user laughed it off and we’re laughing with her, not at her. It’s clear to any person with knowledge of Disney theme parks that the actors AKA cast members portraying the variety of characters have to be IN character the entire time they are in costume so that all visitors get a full experience. Obviously, he meant no harm to the visitor, he was simply on the hunt for BATB’s leading lady, Belle, who he has been trying to win over for decades now!


Fun Fact: While adults may wan to live their sexualized Disney fantasies, not all of the actors portraying the characters actually are that fit. Some Gaston’s who aren’t as brute wear muscle padding and the like. However, this particular Disneyworld Gaston definitely has what it takes to compare with Evans, because that is ALL body – and check out those tight pants. Yowzah! We can’t blame the girl for trying! But, it is incredibly important to point out that while this is often in good fun, the Disney actors are still there to do their job, make you smile, collect a paycheck and go home. It’s not attractive or enticing to hit on anyone while their working. Maybe the best Gaston could be found out in the real world, some have to exist, and probably with a much better personality.

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  1. Sorry but Gaston isn’t interested in out of date fish. She embarrassed herself to the point that she had to throw herself off of the stage.


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