“Burning Man Often Means Dressing Down, If Not Completely, A Least To Your Underwear.”


I don't know much about burning man but when The Underwear Expert said people dress in their underwear if anything at all, I wanted to learn more.


Burning Man, the one-of-a-kind event, spectacle, and happening for dreamers and doers that occurs annually in Nevada’s Black Rock desert, is an opportunity to express yourself and connect with other creative types. This year The Underwear Expert is there to recommend five pairs for Burning Man and its unique approach to fashion. In the video below, you’ll see Style Reporter Kevin Spencer talk with Charley Cullen Walters (Bravo, People Magazine), as well as see The Underwear Expert’s top picks for desert survival during the festival.

Walters explains that this year’s Burning Man theme is Da Vinci’s Workshop, which of course puts the event as well as the fashion in the wheelhouse of invention. In order to do that, Walters explains, you must also lose some of your inhibitions, which in the case of Burning Man often means dressing down, if not completely, at least to your underwear. That’s where our picks for for top Burning Man garments comes in as Charley helps Kevin find the best fit of the festival. – The Underwear Expert


I am sure there is a lot more to learn about Burning Man, but let's start with this.



What are your thoughts? If you have been to Burning Man, is this the scene?

What else should we know about dressing up / down for the event?



h/t:  The Underwear Expert YouTube channel

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