Calum Scott’s New Music Video Celebrates Parents Who Accept Their Gay Sons

Calum Scott In His New Music Video "No Matter What" / Screenshot via YouTube

Ready to cry? A new video by Calum Scott is going to put those tear ducks to work.


Scott recently released a music video for his track “No Matter What,” which is about the unconditional love of parents who accept their gay son.

When talking about the song, Scott said:

“‘No Matter What’ is without question the most personal song I have ever written and the one I am most proud of. It’s a song born from loneliness, acceptance and the heartbreaking but liberating tale of my coming out experience. What I love about this song is that it isn’t just limited to a story of sexual identity, but about the relationship between parent and child and acceptance as a whole. This song didn’t make my debut album because I simply wasn’t ready at that time to give it to the world.  It felt too personal to share, but as with all of my songwriting, I’ve written this from the heart to try and inspire confidence and compassion in people and put some love back in to the world, which we could always use more of.”

And the lyrics are truly loving and inspiring as they depict a young boy who’s afraid to come out, finally does to his parents, and is only met with love and acceptance.


When I was a young boy I was scared of growing up
I didn’t understand it but I was terrified of love
Felt like I had to choose but it was outta my control
I needed to be saved, I was going crazy on my own
It took me years to tell my mother, I expected the worst
I gathered all the courage in the world

She said, “I love you no matter what
I just want you to be happy and always be who you are”
She wrapped her arms around me
Said, “Don’t try to be what you’re not
Cause I love you no matter what”
She loves me no matter what

Check out the music video below.


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