Can These Men Find The Gay Man Among Them?

Screenshot via YouTube @Jubilee

Is there really something to the classic gaydar idea? Can people really figure out who’s gay and who’s not? This is a topic touched on in Jubilee’s latest video.

Jubilee is a video studio and YouTube channel much like Cut. The channel comments on social issues and varying communities by having people play games or intellectually based scenarios. Thanks to Jubilee, we’ve seen drag queens and kings discuss drag culture and gay men discuss grindr, gay genes, and more.

And now, we’re seeing straight men talking about gaydar, stereotypes, and perceptions. The below video is a part of Jubilee’s Odd Man Out series. In the series, a group of supposed allies of varying fields, topics, and fandoms (Kpop fans, Beyoncé fans, Christians, etc.) try to identify and eliminate one liar/spy within their midst. In the below video, we see 7 men (six of whom are straight) trying to figure out who among them is gay.

Will the men be able to figure it our or are they out of luck? Watch the video below to find out.

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