Do All Gay Men Think Alike?

Screenshot via YouTube @Jubilee

What do gay men think? Are they thinking the same thing? That’s what the producers of Jubilee decided to find out in their latest video.

Jubilee is a YouTube channel much like Cut. In its studio, the channel and company produces videos exploring the thoughts and perspectives of different community and groups. From highlighting judgments within groups through the Odd Man Out series, to discussing serious issues in Middle Ground, and having people from the same walks of life talking about how they differ in Spectrum.

That latter category sees people within the same community or group such as Trump Supporters, Women, Men, Christians, Adult film stars, Asian-Americans, Teen Moms, Black People, White People, and more discussing topics related to their community. We recently shared with you a video of 5 Drag Queens and one Drag King talking about drag life, family support, gender expression, and more. And now, the channel has released a video focused on gay men.

In the video, which you can watch below, the men discuss topics like are people born gay, the masculine vs. feminine debate, the toxicity of Grindr, and more.

Watch below to join the conversation.

2 thoughts on “Do All Gay Men Think Alike?”

  1. The original Pride protests are needed. The current state of Pride, full of exhibitionism, sex-crazed people and overall inappropriate behaviour is not needed and it doesn’t do any positive favour to GLB people.

  2. I know that I was born with sexual orientation or desire for males. I never ever was attracted to women and looking at their naked bodies disgusts me (sorry ladies) to the degree of throwing up. I was/is always attracted to males and do not notice females wherever I am. I never knew what sexual attraction is but one day I was watching 3D images on my Viewmaster of Tarzan. I loved his body and kept looking until I ejaculated without mastubation and rushed to the bathroom thinking I was sick at age 10 Thereafter, I found expression of this attraction with my friend. We kept having sex from age 11 till high school. Seven years of daily sex after school ended and thence we found other boyfriends. I never had attraction to women even when I dated some with disgusting make outs with them. Nobody taught me this gay attraction and I never had heterosexual attraction.


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