Can Todrick Hall Talk His Way Out Of Big Brother Bad Behavior

The Celebrity Big Brother (CBB) runner up is finally speaking out after cancelling all press interviews following his loss. Todrick recently sat down with Entertainment Tonight to discuss the fallout after a lot of his fans were disappointed with the way he played the game. Todrick, who is a superfan of the show, came out swinging and played very hard, but in the process alienated a lot of his fans by becoming the villain of the season. In particular, the fans were upset with his personal attacks against the other houseguests.  

As for the heated moments and fights on Celebrity Big Brother between himself and other houseguests, Hall insists, “That’s really not a part of my character.”

“I don’t get into fights with my real friends like that and I just think that it showed me a lot about myself,” 


One of the bigger drama moments this season was his gameplay with Shanna Moakler. Todrick said that he “absolutely” regrets the way he treated Shanna and that he likes and enjoyed his time with her.  He does insist that the Live Feeds did not tell the whole story and that he said missed a lot of their interactions. 

“I think my biggest regret is ever letting the lines of game and reality blur together, and ever saying anything negative to somebody. I actually liked everybody in the house. There’s not anybody I didn’t like and I’ve seen people on Big Brother get into huge fights and then years later they’re at each other’s weddings. I hope that something similar could happen here because I feel like I really formed a great bond with certain people.”

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Looking back on his time with CBB, Hall said he does not regret the game he played but also wished that personal attacks were not said. Todrick also wants to apologize for “a lot of things that offended people, “For me, it was just a game.”

Todrick is now trying to move on from the all the CBB drama and focusing on his career, as his new music video for “Queen” will be released on Friday, and he’s currently on his Femuline tour


“A lot of people would have wanted me to fall down, cancel my tour, not move forward. And I’m like, ‘That is not my style,'” he says  “I’m gonna always fight. I can learn from this and it can make me stronger.”

Did CBB hurt his growing career ? Only time will tell.


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  1. Love the video and the song. We all screw up at some point in our lives, I hope this passes quickly and you learned something from the experience.

  2. Todrick, sweetie, U already had a “Diva persona” in real-lfe so U ain’t foolin’ anyone, dear!! 😒😖🤬🙄 – Grey 🖤 🤎 🤍

  3. You just want to sale yr music by way don’t like it at all that music no way you really wasn’t sorry honey we know that

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