Cardi Throws Homophobia And Now Is Getting Sued

Image via YouTube | Tucker Carlson – Candace Owens Reacts To WAP Performance At The GRAMMYs

Cardi B Shares False Claims Of Owens’ Husband’s Sexuality And Now She’s Getting Sued

Despite The 2021 Grammy Awards being the lowest viewed in years, everyone is causing a ruckus over the WAP performance from Megan Thee Stallion and Cardi B. The two women definitely know how to have all eyes on them, but it’s still fair to understand why their hypersexualized act was too much of a shock value for primetime television. People actually watched the 2020 Superbowl Halftime Show with Shakira and Jennifer Lopez, who merely just existed and danced as they have since the ‘90s, and they still got heat for being too sexy. However, those music legends weren’t simulating sex and kept it very much PG-13 when compared to the rappers’ performance.

The women have caused a stir that extended far and wide. While they have more than enough fans and support, their biggest critics come in the form of Joe and Betty Beer Can – and conservative voices on networks like Fox News AKA Tucker Carlson and Candace Owens. Owens, who never strays from any type of controversial attention and has publicly argued with Cardi previously, called out the rapper for consistently being an awful role model for women, particularly young Black women who admire her. Cardi, of course, took to her Twitter to brag that she finally made it to Fox News for her song WAP – which is about a woman’s wet private area and hardcore sex – due to Owens being asked about it by Carlson. Their exchange took a strange turn, where Cardi had since deleted some defaming tweets, and ended up with her getting sued. Let’s try to keep up with the mess…

Cardi praised her hit, summer song for making it onto the conservative airwaves. Owens fired back, demanding to be called out directly, and claimed Cardi is empowering young women in all the wrong ways. They spatted back and forth before things got really nasty, including Cardi posting nude photos of Melania Trump, claiming that she is only inspired to be sexual because of the former First Lady.  Owens called Cardi by her birthname, Belcalis Almánzar, and it took off from there:

Then, Cardi retweeted a video of Owens making her husband a sandwich. Owens’ husband, George Farmer, is Caucasian, and Cardi asked if more Black women should be enter into interracial relationships…despite years of racism. Owens didn’t take too kindly to this criticism.



The spat continued with Cardi then retweeting a years-old tweet where Owens praised Cardi while she was on her reality television show stint, Love & Hip Hop. Years ago, Owens essentially said she believes Cardi is intelligent but won’t apply herself. Owens continues to publicly state Cardi has branded herself into a corner that is hypersexualized.

Perhaps in a vulnerable moment, Cardi foolishly reshared a false tweet that claimed Owens’ husband and her brother have had sex. Cardi has been deleting tweets all day, so check out the screenshot below where it shows Cardi mocking homosexual sex, calling it cock boxing, and basically gagging on the shade she’s throwing despite her having a huge gay fan base…

Image via Twitter

Owens took to her Instagram live and shared her inner thoughts on Cardi as well as important details: She isn’t someone who tweets, she sues, and will be suing the rapper for slander and defamation.

Cardi isn’t giving up, claiming that the tweet is real and to run it through a search engine. Yes, that tweet is in two articles on two unreliable, entertainment tabloid websites. Cardi finally fired back claiming that she’s going to sue Owens herself.

Politics and sexual empowerment aside… it’s a bit eye raising to see Cardi once again using insulting language towards the LGBTQ community, especially when she has been accused of transphobia and homophobic language in the past, and her on-again, off-again husband, Offset, has also been caught being homophobic in 2018. Although she claims to be accepting of all people. 

But, for the record, Candace – the feminine men haven’t forgotten that you don’t approve of us either

Two big questions remain: Will Owens follow through with a lawsuit? And maybe more importantly, will Cardi stop acting like gay-sex can be the butt-end of any insulting joke?

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Source: NME, Entertainment Weekly

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