Casting for The Screen Version Of ‘Spoiler Alert’ Begins Taking Shape

When it was announced in late 2018 that Jim Parsons had adapted Michael Ausiello’s instantly beloved memoir Spoiler Alert-The Hero Dies for the big screen, fans of the heartbreakingly stunning book immediately were vocal about who they hoped to see cast in some of the roles that they had instantly fallen in love with. As cameras finally prepare to go up this fall in New York City for filming of the long-awaited big screen adaptation, the list of actors inhabiting these roles in beginning to take shape. 


Wonderfully poignant, Spoiler Alert tells the story of the almost full year from when Ausiello’s partner Kit Cowan was diagnosed with terminal cancer, as well as his eventual passing. Throughout the story, we are treated with interstitials of Ausiello and Cowan’s meeting, their love story, and how they were dealing with the biggest challenge of all-and how Ausiello ultimately would move on. Jim Parsons & Todd Spiewak’s That’s Wonderful Productions optioned the rights to Spoiler Alert, with Parsons on tap to portray Ausiello. Earlier this summer, it was announced (via Deadline) that smoldering Fleabag star Ben Aldridge will be portraying Kit Cowan in the feature film. 

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The latest casting announced casts one of the most prominent names in film in one of the most heartbreaking roles in Spoiler Alert. Deadline announced that two time Academy Award winner Sally Field has been cast in the pivotal role of Kit Cowan’s mother, Marilyn. Michael Showalter is on hand to direct Spoiler Alert, making this a reunion for he and Field. Showalter co-wrote and directed Field in the 2015 independent film Hello My Name Is Doris, which gained Field a great deal of buzz for her  heartbreaking and heartfelt performance.


The script for Spoiler Alert is by David Marshall, columnist and The Real O’Neals Executive Producer Dan Savage, and Ausiello himself. Cameras are preparing to go up to film in New York City this fall. 

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  1. I am so looking forward to seeing this movie. With Jim Parsons behind it ( and Todd) I know that the character portrayals will be full of integrity and authenticity. I’m waiting for the book to arrive which is being shipped to the UK from USA. The book is out of print here so maybe a reprint will be needed with all the interest that the movie will cause?
    I’m a massive fan of Jim Parsons and wish him every success with the making of this film


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