Celebrating LGBTQ Music That’s Just As Varied As We All Are

FRIDAY FIVE That Are Soon To Be Faves

This week’s collection of new pieces are from some artists you might know, or probably not, but dammit, you do now.

5. John Grant – “Just So You Know”


I have covered the mad piano genius last year (John Grant: A Boy From Michigan? Or The “Queen of Denmark?”) Here’s the newest piece from his album “Boy From Michigan.” It’s dark, sultry, and for some reason makes you look into yourself and ask, “Why do I feel this way?” when listening to it.

4: Erasure – “Time (Hearts Full of Love)”

Erasure has released a follow up EP “Ne:EP” to last years release of “Neon.” I can’t praise this new effort enough. I grew up listening to Erasure, and I shamelessly have one of the largest collections of vinyl in the world, well that I know of. Here’s the stream of the new song, click, love, enjoy, be happy and come back tomorrow on October 16th for the video drop.


(The video for “Time (Hearts Full of Love)” will be live on October 16th at Noon)

 3: ONSEN – “Moving In”


Off the new album “Keeper”, this is a pretty soothing soft approach to his earlier work. I LOVE this new sound with neither the vocals, or synth claiming the song, just … let it take you where it wants to. Hop down to the bottom of the playlist below and listen to “Moving In” or let yourself go on an Onsen journey and start at the top. (Previous Onsen – Instinct Interview: Onsen, 温泉 This One Is A “Keeper”)

2: Tove Styrke – “Mood Swings”

One of instincts favorite daughters, Swedish queer pop icon has released a single “Mood Swings” about her own emotional turmoil, which she happily embraces to give us great material. This means, (FINALLY) more music is on the way since she won our hearts with “Sway” in 2018. WE love you young Tove…  (Previous Tove Styrke – Instinct Interview: Tove Styrke Steps Out On Her Own Tour With ‘Sway’)


1: Well Hung Heart & GayC/DC –  “It’s A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock ’N’ Roll)”

Actually, it’s a long way to the top if you’re GayC/DC. They have not been given the credit they deserve, ’til now.

Los Angeles rock veterans mixed from multiple queercore and metal bands formed an AC/DC Tribute band called “GAYC/DC.” In a world where nothing is sacred, Metal is Metal, Rock is Rock, and gay men can play “LET THERE BE COCK”, GayC/DC are ever living proof that the queer community is alive and kickin’ in the metal world. These guys deliver an awesome metal sound to classic AC/DC songs. Mixed up from members of Pansy Division, and Cry Wolf, and a couple of them were featured in another band “The Dobermen”, GayC/DC paired up with the band Well Hung Heart on this 50/50 collaboration to give us this all time classic. (Previous Interview: Triggered, Metal, The Dobermen, Pansy Division, And GayC/DC)


Instinct is honored to debut the video for this rocking, raunchy and just in general rude number.

Let’s all welcome GayC/DC and their queer brand of metal to the instinct family shall we? (Don’t worry, a full feature with these guys is coming).

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  1. I have never been a big metal fan, but there is something genuinely compelling and entertaining about GayC/DC. Lots of heart and fun, and solid music. Good job!


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