Celebrity Big Brother 2 USA Cast: Jonathan Bennett, Dina Lohan and… Kato Kaelin?

CBS did their own strategic gameplay on Sunday when they revealed the cast of Celebrity Big Brother's upcoming 2nd season in the United States. It happened during one of the NFL playoff games, where I'm pretty confident that most of the fans watching weren't really thinking about Julie Chen saying "But first". 

CBB has been on for several years overseas yet didn't make its mark domestically until last year, when Broadway babe Marissa Jaret Winokur beat out RuPaul's Drag Race judge Ross Mathews for the win. It was a season that saw more than one person attempt to quit before voting began when they were on the block (Keisha Knight Pulliam, Metta World Peace).For the most part, it was a group of celebs who were pretty fair and kind to one another… even former White House political aide Omarosa Manigault

Let's hope that it gets a tad more dramatic this time around when the 2nd season of CBB premieres on January 21st. I have to give it to CBS for picking a group of people that are fairly current for the most part. Not all of them reek of desperation to keep their star light, yet still hold enough interest as to who they are to make this season watchable.

Let's break down this group and my honest take on each celeb:

Anthony Scaramucci. My quickie Grindr session lasted longer than his tenure as White House Communications Director. So, I'm guessing he's this year's Omarosa in that he's known for his politics and potential inside dirt into the Trump administration. Could he be known for something more than that in this game?

Dina Lohan. This might be the first time that Dina is doing something for her own that doesn’t involve her daughter Lindsay or tumultuous ex Michael whatsoever. It could make for some great TV if she plays the game and aligns with the right people.

Joey Lawrence. Just flash that smile and keep your shirt off and we will love you.

Jonathan Bennett. Just flash that smile and keep your shirt off and we will love you.

Ryan Lochte. Just flash that smile and keep your shirt off and we will love you.

Kato Kaelin. The irony in him being a houseguest when he’s primarily known as the most famous houseguest to ever exist is not lost on this one.

Kandi Burruss. You gotta love that Kandi will strike when the iron is hot when it comes to the number of things she does. Reality star, Broadway star, music producer, mother of two, and now Big Brother contestant. She’s my personal fave from RHOA and I would love to see how well she does inside the house as she does dealing with her costars on the Bravo series.

Tamar Braxton. I’m curious to see how she does in a pressure cooker as she’s known for being a hot head in real life and on Braxton Family Values.

Tom Green. Buy the live feeds just for him if he’s still going to do his usual shenanigans that made him a household name 20 years ago.

Natalie Eva Marie. Badass WWE chick who has a take no prisoners kind of attitude in the ring. That may not work for her in Big Brother though, so adjusting your real-life personality to something super sweet would do her well in the long run.

Lolo Jones. I’m always a fan of female alliances even though they never really go far in the game of Big Brother. Combine Lolo with Kandi and Tamar and you have a recipe for winning in the end.

Ricky Williams. The wildcard as you won’t know who he is if you aren’t an NFL fan. That could bode in his favor though, but then again CBB is so wildly different compared to a regular season of BB so who knows.

Who do you want to see win Celebrity Big Brother?

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