Chace Crawford Talks THAT Bulge Pic

Photo: Amazon Prime Video

Chace Crawford says he got some interesting responses to that photo.

The former Gossip Girl star Crawford, who’s recently had a turn in an Aquaman-like role for Amazon Prime’s The Boys, made headlines earlier this year for some pretty revealing pictures. One of the promotional photos for The Boys showed a back-breaking buttshot that would normally belong to a female superhero (or Nightwing).

Photo: Amazon Prime Video

But it was the frontal photo that got everyone talking about the obvious bulge placed front and center. And now Crawford shares that he got some pretty weird fan messages after that photo went viral.

Talking to Entertainment Weekly, Crawford says that he can’t share the brainstorming behind the bulge (which honestly, makes us think its fake and was meant to go viral).

 “There is a story behind that but I’m sworn to secrecy by Eric Kripke,” Crawford explained with a light laugh while talking about the series’ showrunner and co-creator. “I’m sworn to secrecy. I wish I could give you a good answer but we’ll never know. It will forever remain a mystery. We will never know!” He groans again before adding with another laugh, “Oh my god!”

Photo: Amazon Prime Video

Crawford then spoke on fan reactions to the photo. And namely, how he received some “weird DMs in [his] inbox.”

“He thought it was the funniest thing in the world. Oh god. It was probably a little bit overcovered but I was like, ‘Whatever The Deep can do for you guys to get some press, you know I’m ready to support the show!’ That was one I had to explain to a few people. I got a lot of weird DMs in my inbox.” He laughs and adds, “A lot of love, a lot of love!”

Frankly, Crawford gave a lot of himself to the show. That includes going pantsless in at least two scenes and performing a tragically flawed and (sometimes infuriating) character. All in a day’s work it seems for the actor.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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