Chasing A Mystery Man Into The Night ‘STEAM!’

Liam Cronin in STEAM! (promo still)
Liam Cronin in STEAM! (promo still)

The award-winning short film STEAM!, a modern-day Western adventure, will premiere on LGBTQ streaming network Revry on January 28, 2022.

The movie musical follows Lance (played by Coby Getzug), who loves the Old West even more than he loves his boyfriend Jud (Barrett Riggins). He lives out his fantasy by working as a conductor and tour guide on tourist steam train.


But one day his dreams of the West collide with danger after an encounter with real life outlaw, Neil (Liam Cronin).

Ah yes, the allure of a bad boy…

Coby Getzug and Liam Cronin in STEAM!
Coby Getzug and Liam Cronin in STEAM! (screen capture)

In a hormone-fueled escapade, Lance chases his mystery man into the night, hoping that catching an outlaw will satisfy his constant thirst for adventure.


The quick eighteen minute short film takes several unexpected turns as it speeds towards an adrenalin-stoked ending. As the old adage goes, “Be careful what you wish for.” 

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STEAM! had its official premiere at the 2020 SCAD Savannah Film Festival where it was honored as “Best in Show.”

Barrett Riggins as Jud in STEAM! (promo still)
Barrett Riggins as Jud in STEAM! (promo still)

Writer/director Jeffrey Simon, who also penned the score, says he understands the appeal of Westerns although, as a gay man, he feels he has a “complicated relationship” with the genre.

“I love the sexy ruggedness of the cowboy/outlaw archetype, the phallic power of pistols and steam trains,” Simon explains. “But I have always felt unwelcome within the culture of masculinity perpetuated by the genre.”

He hopes that by telling his story as a musical, the film “will be more inclusive to a queer audience without sacrificing what makes Westerns so exciting.”

STEAM! will premiere at 6pm PST on January 28, 2022 exclusively on Revry, the LGBTQ-first streaming media network.


The musical short will then be available to stream on Samsung TV, Roku, Amazon Fire, Apple TV, Comcast Xfinity, XUMO and more.

STEAM! is the debut release from The Barn, a production company dedicated to creating indie movie musicals.

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