Check Out The Cast From The Upcoming Bisexual Dating Series “The Bi Life”

The cast of a new bisexual reality show has been revealed.

We shared with you in August that drag queen and Big Brother winner Courtney Act would be hosting a new reality show about the lives and relationships of bisexual, pansexual, and sexually fluid people.

This 10-part series, titled The Bi Life, has apparently gotten some great scenes while filming and Courtney Act says it’s a real treat.

“There’s been lots of sparks and some tears. When someone goes on a date, the rest of the cast sometimes have the opportunity to watch them on the date. It’s kind of like watching a sports match – [you have] your team and the opposition but you want it to end well,” said Courtney.

But who are the members in the cast? Knowing our audience, here are the names and portraits of the men from the series.

Ryan Cleary

Matt Brindley

Michael Gunning

Kyle McGovern

The Bi Life premieres on British and Irish tv screens on October 25 on E!.

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  1. well there’s a plus sized

    well there's a plus sized woman in the cast and yet no men that have a little extra weight or are Bears so the representation still says gay men must have perfect bodies to get a date.  Sigh this will be a hard pass


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