Chella Man Shows First “Titans” Look

Image via Twitter @chellaman

We’ve got our first full scene with Chella Man in his first acting role.

Chella Man is a transgender Instagram influencer and YouTuber. The internet personality gained fame by documenting his transition and exercise transformation. In addition, Man, who is deaf, also gave lessons online for American Sign Language.


But back in March, Man was cast in his first ever acting role. Man will be appearing on DC’s streaming platform DC Universe on the Titans series. In season two of the live-action adaption of Teen Titans, Man is playing Jericho Wilson, the bisexual and deaf son of iconic villain Deathstroke. While Jericho is the son of a villain, he takes up an anti-hero role in the comics.

And with the second season of Titans airing, Man has recently shared the first full look and scene of Jericho.  


“As a Deaf individual who uses sign language on a daily basis, his primary mode of communication hits close to home,” Man tweeted. “I RARELY saw sign authentically represented growing up, so this opportunity made my heart soar. I hope to make you all proud!”

The video that accompanies that tweet shows Man being approached by Brenton Thwaites’ Dick Grayson (who is transitioning from his former moniker as Robin to the butt-tastic Nightwing in this season).

And while the moment initially seems sweet and sincere, Grayson’s face towards the end reveals there may be more going on with the scene than we think….

If that scene has got you interested in watching more, you won’t have to wait long as season 2 of Titans drops new episodes weekly on DC Universe.

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